VMWare ESXi 6 vs Windows Hyper-V

I just spent the weekend reformatting my home server from Windows 2012R2 Data Center running Hyper-V to VMWare ESXi 6. Now installation issues aside, as ESXi can be very picky, ESXi seems to be exactly what I am looking for as far as virtualization goes.

Do people really fall for this stuff?

If you have an email account, then chances are, you’ve received one of these, or multiples.  And more the likely, a few different variants of the same thing.  This latest one though, made me laugh… How could ANYONE possibly fall for this?


The Federal bureau of investigation (FBI) Washington, D.C in conjunction with some other relevant Investigations Agencies have recently been informed through our Global intelligence monitoring network that your over-due contract payment which was fully endorsed in your favor accordingly by the Central bank of Malaysia(Bank Negara Malaysia) has not been claimed.

The Division – A quick Review

Some of you know a while back I gave up PC Gaming, in fact I haven’t really been on my desktop PC except to do research.  All my gaming is now done via my PS4 which I purchased last December.  I used to always think keyboard and mouse were the only way to play FPS games (first person shooters) but I tell ya, the consoles aren’t half bad.  Now The Division is not an FPS, it’s an over the shoulder shooter or third person shooter, but the concept for the control is the same, point and shoot.

Is the Earth Spherical or Flat? Part 2

Well I promised a part 2 to this article, but this will be more of a rant than a discussion.  You see, the more and more videos I watched, the more and more I got discouraged.  Not that my beliefs of a spherical earth were being torn away, but because of the idiocy I experienced in watching the videos… I will explain a few of these now.

I apologize for not giving any references, I had the book marks saved, but reformatted my PC without backing them up. I tried to look for the articles but was unable to locate them…


Is the Earth Spherical or Flat? Part 1

Ok, before you start laughing your ass off at the thought of a Flat Earth, this movement seems to be gaining ground over the last few months.  But it seems to bring up more questions than answers, and unlike most of the videos you will find on Youtube, there is no 100% proof the world is flat.

Before we get started, we need to figure out what that Flat Earth Model is.  This is no easy feat.  I have seen dozens of videos on the topic and have read may web pages on certain topics. Here is Wikipedia’s description of the Flat Earth’s model.

Happy New Year, Year In Review, And First post in 3 months… SRSLY!

I can’t believe I let my blog slide.  I have been so busy over the last few months I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write a good long post. So here it is, my First post of 2016, wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR (a few days late) and I will start the new year with a little Year in Review post.

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