Happy New Year to all my readers.  Before I get into the review of the last year, I wanted to make a statement about some recent changes to the site that may or may not have upset some viewers.


I Can’t do it on my own. I have decided to try and crowdfund it:

UPDATE: Crowdfuning has closed as I was funded privatly. Thank you to all those who helped out.

After I moved into my new apartment last year, my old gaming PC has been banished to the closet as a server due to the fact that it made a really high-pitched noise that was giving me headaches (yes, even after a thorough cleaning). Ever since then I have tried to use different alternatives. The first was a mini PC, which barely did the job, then the current solution, my Laptop I bought for my last job which is almost 3 years old. The present solution, of course, has a secondary USB monitor by AOC, as working on one monitor just doesn’t feel right. But working off of two 15 inch monitors is a pain since at work I at least have two 20 inch-ers, still small by today’s standards, but still better than 15 inches.


I had a bit of time, so I created a video on how to enable 2FA on a Windows-based system.  I know, I know, I am a Linux admin, what on earth am I doing talking about Windows?  To be honest, and my fellow Linux Sysadmins will be will give me flack for this, Windows is still a very prevalent platform.  Yes, Linux is better in my opinion (server wise), but there is a place and time for Windows Servers. I am also a trained Windows Server Admin, taking WIndow Nt4 and Windows 2000 back at Algonquin College back in Ontario, and taking the Preparation for Windows Server Administration Certification for WIndows 2012 at Dawson College just a few years back… so although I am a Linux Sysadmin by title at Ubisoft, in reality, I am a Lin./Win. SysAdmin. 😛


It’s been a while since I have posted here, and that not really abnormal.  Life just got… busy I guess.  But now it’s even more hectic.  On June 28th I was diagnosed as a diabetic.  I was given a choice… continue on my path and eventually have to use injections, or, lose 150lbs and hopefully reverse the effects.

I chose the latter, and to help me along and document my progress, I have started a new blog:



With my new job title of Linux System Administrator (more correctly “Administrateur Systèmes Linux“), there are some new things I have had to learn. One is the wonderful world of Ansible.

However, there is one thing that plagued me, rebooting the system and having it wait to run the next command. This is important for patching up a server then making sure everything came back up alright.

After scouring the web and trying out every post I found. I found a post that I was able to piece together other’s response to get a valid, working, solution.


Over the past many years, I have brought up one of my favorite artists, who also happens to be local to my Home Town. I am of course talking about Danielle Allard, who is preparing for her 3rd CD release, which I am sure will be as successful, if not more than her previous releases. Looking forward to the Release Party.

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