Far Cry 5 Midway Through and a Rant

I am about 20 hours into the game and I am about 50% complete so this will be considered a Midway-Recap as I have not actually completed the game.

NOTE: There are spoilers in this post… if you have not played the John and Jacob areas of the map, I would suggest maybe not continuing.

First I want to rant a little as I have been reading a few reviews that I think are a little ass-backward when it comes to one thing.


Last year I wrote a post about the fact I was gonna try to build a new computer to replace my old one. Sadly I was finding it very hard to save up the amount needed living paycheck to paycheck. So I opted for Crowd Funding using a site called Go Fund Me… Sadly after 3 weeks I only raised $5 (Thank you, Sonya). However the other day a close friend of mine saw my update and offered to help finance the remaining funds needed to get a working system up and running. So with the use of my tax refund, a little bit of crowdfunding, and a lot of help from an old friend, I managed to get all the parts I needed to get a fully working system.  Here is my progress compared to my old list.

Need a new Workstation Computer

I have really been feeling it lately. The strain of not having a proper computer to work on. I used to have a good rig years ago, but like most Tech, computers become obsolete after serval years. I have been working on my laptop now for the last 2 years and its just not quite the same thing. I need to have a more powerful system to do the things I do these days. Although I am a Linux SysAdmin by trade, I do dabble in many other things, from Photography to Videography, from experimenting on Virtual Machines to Rendering 3d graphics. I even take on clients from time to time who require services in those fields, but sadly for the last 2 years, I have had to turn many people down as I just don’t have the resources I used to. The problem is current generation computers are not cheap. A system that can handle the jobs I do cost around $2000 if I outsource the parts myself and build it myself. If I were to buy it pre-built you would be looking at $2500 to $3000.

How Assassin’s Creed Origin’s re-ignited my interest in Egyptology

Ever since I was a kid, I can remember my brother’s heavy interest in Egyptology. I can remember one year for the science fair, he created a model of one of the theories of how the Egyptians built the pyramid (wooden ramps). At the time though, I myself didn’t have an interest in Egyptian mythology, I mean I was only between 10 and 12 years old at the time. No, it wasn’t until years later that I became interested in Egyptian Mythology. In late 1994, Stargate was in theaters, and it wasn’t until then that I started to get interested in the ancient mythology, but of course, it was a movie and was not a real representation of the true mythology, but none the less, it peeked my interest at the time.


I always thought PDFs were safe to open, sadly my notion was wrong.  The other day I received an email sent to my work address from Gmail account which contained no body, only a single PDF attachment – sale_50_87318984.pdf.

Now, of course, the fact there was no body and it was sent to random people around the company, sent up a red flag for me.  Obviously, the perpetrator was trying to get someone to click the PDF, which, I am hoping, if all those employees have read the companies email policy and hopefully have some knowledge of internet security, no one has.


Ok, where to begin?  I am at work, playing with my VM (Virtual Machine), which might I add is not a good idea.  I had just spent 3 hours prepping for a maintenance in the next few days and I modified a LOT of files on my VM to do this… I will also note ahead of time, I also didn’t make a snapshot (number one rule when messing around with an important VM, make a snapshot).

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