It is amazing how much technology has changed over the last few decades.  When I was growing up in the 80’s I remember listening to my brother’s Metallica collection on cassette, then in my high school years, listening to 90’s grunge on Compact Disc (CDs), then in college listening to MP3s on a digital music player (all-be-it mostly downloaded off of peer sharing services like Napster and them LimeWire) and now, I listen to most of my music via a streaming service. Now the great thing about using streaming services, in this case Spotify (not sponsored), if you can pretty much find almost every song you have ever listened to.

Now I am a huge 90’s Rock/Grunge fan.  Bands like (in no particular order) Bush (X), Green Day, Our Lady Peace, Nirvana, Live, Collective Soul, Soul Asylum, Goo Goo Dolls, Eve6, and so on, I mean, the list is quite large.  I put together a play list on Spotify which consists of 90’s grunge, with some rock, dance and more modern music, but mostly 90’s Grunge.  I took a look at my list the other day as I have added to it from time to time… It has 1024 song’s (apparently no duplicates, but do not quote me on that) which is close to 72 hours of just pure awesome music from my fav music decade.

If you are a fan of the 90’s, go a head and take a listen below.  Note, the imbedded list only plays a 30 second clip of each of the first 100 songs, for the full songs and the other 924 tracks, click the Spotify logo in top corner of the below list to load it in the web player.  Or, you can link to it directly here. Happy Listening and Reminiscing.