The Wonderful World of Linux

Its been a while since I made a post to my blog. I really should keep up with it. So in an attempt to do so, I decided to write about what I am currently engulfed in: The Wonderful World of Linux. In my life time I have used all major operating systems. In my younger years, before college, I was raised on Mac, up to OS 9… I never got into OS X as by the time it was released, I had already switched over to Windows. Throughout College I mainly worked on Windows and started to dabble in Linux, mind you back then they didn’t have the amount of flavours you have today. Redhat was the major flavour being taught to techs in college. Debian existed, but wasn’t as widely used. There was Corel Linux, which I had dabbled in just before College which was released in 1999 (The year I started at Algonquin College).

My favourite Local Ottawa Artist is about to release her second CD, which is also her first Solo CD.

As many of you know I have followed Danielle’s career for years, and have posted a few articles about her earlier work with the band Go Long (!) which has since been disbanded.  I started following Dani several years before when she played with another local group called Far From The Trees, and I fell in love with her soothing voice and eclectic style.

In the years since I have seen her music career soar,  she is one of the most talented local singers I have ever met, and even though I moved to Montreal, I have kept in touch with her and followed her career from afar.

PCG – PHP Code Generator for CodeIgniter

If you are like me, you hate coding the basics, the add, delete, modify, view commands that are the basis of all applications, also known as CRUD (create, read, update and delete).  It’s the first thing you do when creating an application, then you create your custom views, and forms.  For me, its a keystone step in creating any application, and I hate it.

In walks PCG, the PHP Code Generator, which is CodeIgniter based.  I have been using CodeIgniter for over a year now because I find it quite simple to use. PCG takes the simplicity one step further by allowing you to create the CRUD portion of you script in 5 easy steps:

The sum of everything, oddly enough is -1/12

Its ok if can’t wrap your head around it… the sum of 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5… to infinity to me would be an exponentially huge number. Most non mathematicians would a agree, theoretically it would be right? However its wrong, the answer is in fact, -1/12 and is found all over the place in the world of Physics.

The following video does some mathematical calculations to show you how exactly that the addition of all natural numbers comes to be a negative fraction.

Even after watching the video, I am still amazed at how its possible.


Ok, so I was reading one of the many posts I find on Facebook, The Verge, Business Insider, etc, you know, the sites I troll while manning the Volunteer Desk at work, which is really the most time I have to do this as when my volunteers are here I have lots of managerial work to do.  But as my volunteer is absent this morning, trolling is what I did.  The post I came across has to do with Reddit and the all time top 200 posts (original article found here).  The best one I got to read thus far is entitled “I hate my job” but the original post’s style sheet seems to be corrupted, or maybe that’s just how all pages look once archived.  Here is the text from the post:

A New game that I thoroughly enjoy.

I am a big fan of MMORPGs (Mass Multi Player Online Role Playing Games) and am a recovering World of WarCrack (World of Warcraft) addict (well, not really, although I did enjoy the earlier versions of the game). Ever since I quit WoW, I have looked for something similar that can keep me enticed.

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