I have been meaning to create a video about this for some time.  I am a tech fanatic, and when a better solution than Hamachi crossed my path, I was instantly indulging myself with its vast capabilities.  Zerotier is an amazing application.  It can be used to create a Local LAN so that gamers can play legacy titles like Warcraft III and the like, but it can also be “privatized” giving you full control over who has access to your network.  I have tested it on Windows and Linux, and use several personally created networks to play games with my friends back in Ontario, as well as administer my web servers, and lock down SSH to use only the internal network.

In the video, I use 2 servers that I spawn at my favourite server host Vultr.com. I connect my virtual machine (running Windows 10) with a Windows server (Server 2016) and a Linux server (CentOS).  I show that once set up, you can communicate with the servers via the IPs on the LAN.