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What have I been up to?

It has been a long time since I have made a personal post on here, but after finally finishing a task that has taken me 2 years (Thanks Covid19), I figured I would make a post about my adventure.

The featured image should give it away… Maybe not… if you are not from Quebec, you might mistake this for a regular censored photo of a Drivers License, you would be partially correct.  So for those from my home province, and others outside of La Belle Province, I will explain this little gem, and the journey I took to get it which started in early 2019.…

Installing epel-release in CentOS 8 and Oracle Linux 8 – The EASY Way


Centos 8:

Oracle Linux 8:

NOTE: if you absolutely need to have “epel-release” installed due to dependancies on Oracle Linux – then use the rpm way:



The Whole Story

With the news late last year, that Redhat was killing off CentOS, there was a shockwave throughout the industry.  To those outside of the linux server environment, I am not sure you could comprehend the vast affect this will have. …

Why I left Facebook.

It’s been a reoccurring theme in my head for years.  The Internet, Humanity’s greatest feat, and greatest downfall.  It brought the world together while simultaneously pushing us all apart.  With the rise of Facebook and other social media platforms in the early part of the 21st century (2000-2010) it seemed to be a dream, getting reconnected with long lost friends from yester-year.  But in all essence, Facebook is just that, a dream, a façade.  What you see on Facebook, isn’t real, its the cherry picked moments of everyone’s lives, you don’t see the truth, the “behind the scenes” of what really goes on in a person’s life. …

VestaCP offsite backup script

I have always been an advocate for using a control panel when dealing with multi site hosting.  In my case I use VestaCP, which is a great, simple, free alternative to the big boys like Plesk and cPanel.  The only issue though, is space for backups.  On the server I normally have 3 to 5 days backed up, which is great, however if you find out your site had been hacked 7 days ago, all your backups on the server are tainted.  This happened to me a few years back, and one of my sites was hacked for almost a month before I found out.…

Installing Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu and Fedora in Virtualbox

In this video we install VirtualBox, then create 4 Virtual Machines including Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu and Fedora.

Important Links:

Virtualization VT-x/AMD-V/SVM Mode (ROG)
Common: https://bit.ly/2IblnP8
ROG: https://bit.ly/3g6xfyh

VirtualBox: https://bit.ly/2JMQQY7
Ubuntu 20.04: https://bit.ly/3lCmdBZ
Xubuntu 20.04: https://bit.ly/39E5QCP
Kubuntu 20.04: https://bit.ly/3g9BXv9
Fedora 32: https://bit.ly/3lzZKFB