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Outbreak – Day 16 of Work from Home, Day 24 of Isolation

Has the isolation taken it’s toll on you yet?  If so, you are not alone.  And it’s not going to be over any time soon.  In Quebec, they have pushed the closures till at least May 4th, however this will more than likely be extended once again as we get closer to that date.

There is good news though… according to an article posted by the Financial Post entitled “Google publishes tracking data showing 59 per cent drop in normal movement patterns“:

Within Canada, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec have seen the biggest reductions in traffic to workplaces, all slightly ahead of the national average.

Outbreak – Day 15 of Work from Home, Day 21 of (Self) Isolation

Well, today marks the 3rd week since I left my home in Montreal.  Yesterday (Thursday) the world passed one million reported infected.  A small number compared to the 7.5 billion world population for sure, but the shear rate at which this virus has spread is astonishing.  In my last post I mentioned a video which had data from March 15th, a few days after I left Montreal, when the world had just passed 150k infected.  It took 3 months to get to that number, now almost 3 weeks later, we have risen by more than 850k, with over 100k reported today (friday). …

Outbreak – Day 11 of Work From Home. Day 17 of Self Isolation

Yesterday Montreal announced that there were 149 new cases bringing the total of cases in the city to  1361 which accounts for almost half of the cases reported across Quebec at the time (2840).  Of the 1361 cases, 82 are healthcare workers, the front line that we rely on to help us through.

I am glad that I left the city before this all happened, but I still have friends and co-workers in MTL that I keep in contact with and make sure they are still healthy and doing well.  This virus is just starting to grab hold, I am hoping that with social distancing, and other measures being put in place at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels will hopefully start a decline in those affected.…

Outbreak – Day 10 of Work from Home, day 14 of Self Isolation

I know I have not posted in the last few days, I have just been trying to wrap my head around this whole situation.  The world is going to hell in a hand basket, and the leader of “The Greatest Nation in the World” (cough, stuck up asshole, cough) is more worried about the economy then the health of his crumbling nation.  The US has now surpassed every other country’s reported cases:

This is a time when we, as a people, need to come together, this is a global crisis.  The virus does not care what ethnicity you are, doesn’t care which country you call home. …

Outbreak – Day 7 Work from Home, Day 11 of Isolation

As the days go by, and the effects of isolation set it, I find it harder and harder to do anything.  Seeing the new today that the number of confirmed cases almost doubled in Quebec over night, and news that Quebec is shutting down, I realize more and more my decision to leave the city was the best decision to make.  We are weeks, if not days away from Martial Law being enacted and all because a small few have decided for themselves that partying and having fun is more important than the health of the country.

I called my mom the other day… those who know me know that that is a rarity. …