It has been a while since I did an update on the COVID-19 situation.  The reasoning is being in isolation can be, well, depressing at the very least. Being cooped up for months at a time with little to no human contact can drive even the sturdiest person up the wall.  And I am not the most sturdiest person.

So where are we at?  I will tell you this… not in a great place. We are 7,149,360 cases world wide, with the United States accounting for for over two million of that.

Protesters gather in New York City to support the Black Lives Matter movement after the needless death of George Floyd

“But Matt!, the numbers are dropping! Why are we in a bad place?” Good question… Why are we in a bad place?  Well, it all boils down to the George Floyd incident.  If this name does not sound familiar to you, do a quick Google search.  Why we are in such a bad place right now is not because of the subject, which is something that absolutely needs to be addressed (Black Lives Matter Movement).  My quarrel is not with the subject, but with the actions taken on behalf of this subject (protests and riots).

Protesters in Canada’s National Capital protest for the Black Lives Matter movement

It’s like people have forgotten there is a GLOBAL PANDEMIC affecting the world.  When we should be social distancing and trying to rid the world of this virus, instead we are out in the streets protesting side by side and rioting.  In the United states, all 50 states are reported to have had protests, and even here in Canada, major cities held protests.

The problem I have, is that the gathering of large groups, like those in New York and Ottawa, during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC!!!, is no the brightest of ideas.  Do not get me wrong, the subject is a noble one to protest, and yes protests should be held to show support for movements such as this, however… During a GLOBAL PANDEMIC!!!!!!… In one of the most affected countries… By not adhering to social distancing, you are putting yourselves, and the rest of the world at more risk.  In two to three weeks, you may very well see an uptick in the amount of cases of COVID-19 in the United States and Canada because of this carelessness.  We are on the tipping point, the numbers were coming down.. The first wave had almost run its course. But now!!! Now we are going to prolong this pandemic because of the stupidity of the fact that in 2020 there is still racial tension… We should be passed this already… No, instead we have hundreds of thousands of people putting their lives, and the lives of everyone in their country at risk to protest an issue that we should not be dealing with at this stage of Humanity.

Now is the time for the world to come together to stop all this shit. Do not get me wrong, the world needs to be fixed, and we cannot do it divided as we are.  But first, lets solve one problem at a time.  Lets pool our resources as a planet to getting rid of the GLOBAL PANDEMIC!!!!!!!!!, then unite to battle poverty, famine, racism, etc.  Because with COVID-19 still running rampant through our streets, going out into those very same streets to protest is the last thing we should be doing.

See you in two to three weeks when we are back to square one and the numbers of COVID-19 cases spikes back up again… I want to go home, but I cannot do that if this stupidity continues.  Montreal is a hot spot and these protests possibly made it that much worse.   I want to go back to posting positive articles about how to improve computer systems and how to install Linux, and all the stuff I used to enjoy, instead I am posting about COVIDiots and the shit they are doing that to disrupt our process of getting back to health.  For fuck sake COVIDiots,  go back to your homes, and fuckin stay there till the virus has passed…