Its been almost 3/4 of a year since I have gone WFH (Work from home) in isolation  When I last posted about the numbers, we had just passed 7 million infected. That was 170 days ago. Now we are at just over 60 million.  But this post is not as much about Covid-19 as much as it is about the amount of disinformation.  In the past week I have been messages posts on Social Media that are so drenched in disinformation I feel like I need to disinfect my PC.

For this post, I will discuss 3 such posts that had me facepalming at the stupidity (or cleverness?) of some people.  Well, stupid to people like myself, but clever enough to get their posts spread throughout the internet on all sorts of social media sites by people who are so gullible to believe them.  Now I am not sure as to the reason for posting such disinformation, other than to drive traffic tot heir site and to make money off of adverts on said sites, I mean there is no other reason to do it, as how could they benefit over people’s hysteria…

So, to prevent these scammers from making any money from me, I will only post screen shots of their posts, and not links, so they do not get those extra 5 hits (as that is about as many readers as I normally get).  I will post these articles of delusion as I received them.

1. Canadian government publishes bid request for “Programmable Hydraulic Guillotines” needed “in support of Canada’s response to COVID-19”

The picture to the right is not an add, its a condensed version of the REALLY long article I converted into a JPG so as to make sure these scammers do not get any more traffic than they deserve (which is 0).  If you click it, it will take you directly to the full image.  Depending on your browser, you may need to zoom in on it..

The Article’s main focus in the delusion that the Canadian Government is requesting guillotines “In support of Canada’s response to Covid-19” in preparation for dismembering people.  Yes, that is what is about, go ahead and read it.  Now there are a few things wrong with this.  Lets start with the not so gruesome part of the delusion.  The part where Canada is purchasing these “In support of Canada’s response to Covid-19”.

The Canadian government, on its official acquisition website ( is requesting bids for “Programmable Hydraulic Guillotines” as part of, “products and services in support of Canada’s response to COVID-19.” The listing number is 45045-190091/A, and it is found at this link:

I decided the first thing I would do, is click the link as it does point to an official Canadian Government site.  from there I just went to the main page of the site to which, smack dab at the top under every page is the banner which reads:

So what they are trying to brainwash people into believing is that this message is STRICKTLY for the guillotine, is actually a site wide notice saying that the Government is reaching out… IT DOES NOT pertain to any specific order.

Now on the the more gruesome part of the delusion.  That the government is buying guillotines to chop people up…

The “Programmable Hydraulic Guillotines” listing on the Canadian government’s website is explained on the site as “products and services in support of Canada’s response to COVID-19.” “Guillotine” is a term that describes a mechanical device with a powerful chopping blade that can slice things apart. Although there are industrial uses for cutting devices — such as in the book publishing industry — the term “guillotine” specifically refers to a device intended to execute human beings. As the Cambridge online dictionary explains, “guillotine” is a device that’s used to kill people by cutting off their heads.

Ok, so technically, a guillotine is used to chop people’s heads off… it was used heavily in the French Revolution… but as I recall, those had no need to be programmed, or be hydraulically driven… in fact gravity did the job quite well.  However programable, hydraulic guillotines are nothing like the name describes.  This form of “guillotine” if used for a whole different purpose.

Here’s an image of a paper cutting machine, which is more commonly called a “shear” or cutting machine. This is not a guillotine, even though paper cutting companies might be used as a front for acquiring actual guillotines:

Wait, what now?  “This is not a guillotine, even though paper cutting companies might be used as a front for acquiring actual guillotines” You have to be kidding. I am not sure I have EVER heard of a paper cutting company selling actual “guillotines” as described by the dictionary.  You would however be able buy electronically controlled hydraulic guillotines which are used to cut paper… that is their purpose.  I know as I used to use one at the UPS Store where I worked to cut business cards and flyers…

The bid document lists technical requirements for the guillotines, under a heading called “Guillotines Mandatory Requirements:”

  • The Guillotine’s cutting and clamping systems must be fully hydraulic;
  • The Guillotine’s automatic blade and clamp must return from every position to its original starting position;
  • The Guillotine’s blade depth adjustment(s) must be achievable from outside of the Guillotine;
  • The Guillotine’s measurement readout must be in imperial measurement;
  • The Guillotine’s blade changing tool, wrenches/screwdrivers and cutting block must be provided for each Guillotine;

The document also calls for a “1 year parts and labour warranty” to make sure the guillotine continues running smoothly so that the chopping isn’t interrupted.

The bullet points I would expect as this is a paper cutting machine.  You want the blade to be fully hydraulic, you want it to return to it’s original position, you do NOT wanna be putting your hand inside the guillotine to adjust the depth of the blade (For safety sake!) and you want to have the parts to fix it on site.  As for the warrantee, even items used every so often need a warranty, its not so that they can be run 24/7, its so that if it breaks they can replace the parts without having to pay more… Makes you wonder if the write has ever owned… well… anything… everything comes with a warrantee these days.

The writer the goes into more backstory of how it is linked to some other fake site with an article on interment camps etc, then goes on to mention something about left-wing BLM terrorists displaying actual guillotines in protests in the states… I kind of gave up at this point as the whole article reeks of delusion and disinformation.  Feel free to read it for yourself.  My forehead is sore from all the facepalming.

2. The government is now deciding what you can and cannot buy. Are you enjoying the dictatorship? Coming soon to a store near you

This one took me all be 5 minutes to research and respond to.  This one was a Facebook post with the following caption:

This is in Winnipeg ??
The government is now deciding what you can and cannot buy. Are you enjoying the dictatorship? Coming soon to a store near you ?
Edit to add: toys, books, clothing etc. NOT ESSENTIAL in Manitoba. Kids in Manitoba will have a shitty Christmas thanks to the government dictatorship ?
This time I do not link it so much about the money as it is trying to get more viewers and have their post go viral. But it has me shocked that so many people would believe this.  So, first thing I did when I saw this, was look for corroborating evidence.  There is nothing like going to the source of the actual laws than the official government website: Now they did have some partial truth in this one, “The government is now deciding what you can and cannot buy”… in store.  This is the major part they forgot to mention.  They are limiting what you can buy in person, in store, to limit the spread of the virus.  They do not want you browsing the isles and taking your time trying to figure out what t-shirt you wanna buy.  They want you in and out.  You can still buy your toys and clothing and all non essentials from the store, but for delivery or curbside pickup.  Which to be honest, I preferer.  The less contact I have with people like the writer of this gem, the better off I am.  Kids will still have a great xmas… well, maybe not her kids… but you know what I mean.

3. Anonymous Facebook post about 24hour curfew leaked by his wife who works for the Liberal Party of Canada

This one is a bit hard to read, so let me quote the whole thing before I tear it apart.

I have been holding on to this for weeks now and what my wife told me won’t leave my thoughts.  My wife works within the Liberal Party of Canada and need to speak up at this time or I won’t be able to live with myself.  On or around December 2nd the entire country will receive an emergency broadcast message regarding military deployment to all metro centres within Canada.  a 24hr curfew will begin and will last till June 15th 2021.  During this time you will not be able to leave your home unless the reason is an emergency. Local police will have check points set up where they can expect considerable civil disobedience. If you and your family need food, it is a good idea to buy immediately as the emergency orders will not allow you to go out for supplies. The only thing open will be hospitals, police and critical infrastructure such as water treatment and utilities.  Once  military is set up on the streets of Canadian cities they will be given order to engage all citizens as a threat. Mobile containment transport will buses will detain citizens to Covid19 isolation units where they will be monitored for the virus. Orders have been given to move swiftly on anti-masked individuals and those resisting lockdown orders. During the Christmas period a breakdown of society will begin due to starvation as well as degrading mental health health situations. Canadian Forces have been instructed to use deadly force on those endangering military personnel. At this time Trudeau will address Canadians on the next steps his government is prepared to take.

So I was sent this in a comment and there are a few things I would like to question about this.  For one, how could anyone knowing this, hold on to it for week without going completely nuts… second, this articled is 3rd person hearsay, why has his wife not come forward?  I mean she already broke the NDS by telling her husband.  Third. if there was one leak, there must be more, why has the news not picked this up, I mean not even mainstream news, I mean the off beat scammers… this is golden, why would they not try and bost their rating with this?

Then there is the 24hr curfew, this is what all governments have been trying to avoid as it would mean global economic collapse.  Shutting everything down except non essentials?  This means EVERYTHING, including Amazon (which has taken a hell of jump in profit since this shit started).  The best part though… is once you are fully under control, locked in your houses or isolation camps… Then Trudeau will tell you what his next steps are… Really?  He wouldn’t have to say anything at all, he doesn’t have to divulge any info to you are you are under the control of the Military.  Dictators rarely tell their citizens anything.

So this one too reeks of delusions. However, today I did have a my phone go off with a test of the Emergency system… who knows maybe they are preparing to kill the country… cuz that is literally what this post is saying… the government would kill everyone.  Starvation, deadly force, collapse of the Canadian economy… Yeah… no.

So that is it for this post, a few rants about all the delusional people trying o brain wash the masses… for what?  Just being in a pandemic is stressful enough… we don’t need this disinformation to add to the stress.  Get a life.

And for those of you who might be caught by these articles, take five minutes, search google for it, or duckduckgo, or any search site.  Do your due diligence before spread a different kind of virus all over social media.  That and common sense.  Best tools to fight these… um… tools….