Has the isolation taken it’s toll on you yet?  If so, you are not alone.  And it’s not going to be over any time soon.  In Quebec, they have pushed the closures till at least May 4th, however this will more than likely be extended once again as we get closer to that date.

There is good news though… according to an article posted by the Financial Post entitled “Google publishes tracking data showing 59 per cent drop in normal movement patterns“:

Within Canada, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec have seen the biggest reductions in traffic to workplaces, all slightly ahead of the national average.


On average, traffic at workplaces in Canada is down by 44 per cent, compared to a reduction of 38 per cent in the United States. But the changes to our patterns of behaviour are substantially lower than the hardest-hit countries like Italy, where there’s been a 63 per cent reduction in visits to workplaces, and Spain, which has seen a 64 per cent reduction.

Here is hoping that these numbers will increase and we can “flatten the curve” as they say.

Quebec is also the first of the provinces to ask for aid from the Canadian Military:

On Friday, Trudeau announced that Quebec is the first province to ask for the Canadian Armed Forces to be called in to help respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The province has asked that members of the Canadian Armed Forces deploy to northern Quebec to help isolated communities combat local outbreaks.

CTV News

It seems Quebec is on top of things compared to the rest of the country.  With mass testing underway ( started late last month ) and now allowing police to directly fine those violating the social distancing orders, they seem to be one of the few provinces getting a grasp on the situation.

However, I am still in Ontario, and they are still lagging behind a bit in the testing department.  And I hope this changes soon, as the sooner we can find out who needs to be quarantined and who does not, we might get a head of this sooner than later.

Not much else to report, I am just trying to keep sane while all this happens.  I should be getting another method of internet in a few days, and hopefully be back to work 100% (Work from home).

Till I am able to post again, stay safe, stay healthy, stay indoors, and please, distance yourself from everyone!