I know I have not posted in the last few days, I have just been trying to wrap my head around this whole situation.  The world is going to hell in a hand basket, and the leader of “The Greatest Nation in the World” (cough, stuck up asshole, cough) is more worried about the economy then the health of his crumbling nation.  The US has now surpassed every other country’s reported cases:

This is a time when we, as a people, need to come together, this is a global crisis.  The virus does not care what ethnicity you are, doesn’t care which country you call home.  It does not abide by rules and regulations.  Yet Trump is sitting in the white house declaring he wants to ease up on the social distancing policy to get his nation back up and running and get the economy restored.  He cannot see 2 feet in front of him… Sending people back into the work force now, when the virus hasn’t even reached it’s peak, it economic suicide.  Yeah sure you will see a short bump as you start to get things restored, but as the virus will more quickly spread, and all those workers become ill at a faster rate, your economy will crash even harder, and you billions of dollars will evaporate into pennies.

To all my friends in the states, if it hasn’t been started yet, start retweeting things with the hashtag #NotMyPresident. This ass clown wants to divide the country into High, Mediums and Low risk areas.  You know the old adage, “Together we rise, divided we fall”… Creating division within your country now would increase the rate at which your crumbling nation destroys itself.

Never in the history of U.S. Presidents has there ever been such an abusive child in charge.  The other day a reporter asked him for inspirational words to those millions of people who are scared at home right now, and this ass hat responds by telling the reporter he is terrible:

Not to mention the amount of times over his presidency he has berated reporters calling them Fake News.  Our cousins to the south have an idiot in power who cares only about his wealth and cares nothing for his people.  I am hoping that this crisis, and Trump’s poor handling of it, opens up the eyes of those he has brainwashed over the last few years, and I hope they finally see how dangerous he is, and how at risk everyone in the country is because of him.  Please take the time to watch the evidence, tweet it out with the hashtag #NotMyPresident spread the word and hopefully the once great nation can in deed become great again, but as long as Trump is in power, the nation will be driven into the ground.

To all my friends south of the border, I pray for your health, I pray for your sanity, and I ray that you make it through this despite being thrown tot he wolves by a man who has no idea what he is doing, and cannot see past his wealth.  I mean a President who sideline the CDC during a major crisis like this?  Leaving out the experts and giving his own uneducated opinion on the matter… I pray for you all…  Thank god he is #NotMyPresident.