bixyToday I took my first Bixi ride, talk about a workout. Took about 20 minutes or so to get home, but that’s only because I had to stop half way. Seems the first Bixi bike I “signed out” had a flat tire, why the last rider didn’t flag the bike as damaged I have no clue, but I made sure I flagged it after walking 2 blocks to nearest Bixi station. walking 2 blocks to nearest Bixi station.


In my spare time I love to browse Youtube, but unlike most of the world which is more interested in “i can has cheezburger” and Epic fail videos, I prefer educational videos. Here is a small list of channels I like to frequent along with a few sample videos to give you a taste:

First up is C. G. P. Grey which explains a lot of strange geographical/governmental grey areas and tries to limit some confusion. Here is their most recent upload (as of the date of this post)

Next up, another highly educational channel called Minute Physics which as you guessed it, teaches you all about physics in a short period (most videos are under 5 minutes). Here is their latest video (again, at the time of this post)


The Société de Transports de Montréal (STM) has been a great refreshment compared to OC Transpo back in Ottawa, the buses here just seem to flow better. And without the stretch buses, there are less jackknives in the winter, but as with any vehicle, the buses still get stuck in the snow (as I found out last snow fall, had to walk 45 minutes from Lachine to Dorval).


Well now that my life is getting somewhat back in order, I have decided to take on a personal project this summer. Being from Ottawa, Ontario, the Montreal Metro system is somewhat of a marvel to me, having miles and miles of underground tunnels, linked in with something they call the RESO, which is the underground city of Montreal which connects several malls, office buildings and apartment buildings in the downtown core.


Ok, so I just got back to my humble abode trying to digest all the information that I ingested during my 5 hours of training. Charlotte, my predecessor, and therefore trainer, managed to successfully inform me of everything there is to know about the job, something that is not a very easy task. I can only hope that I am as good a Manager and Systems Admin as she was.


Well its that time of year for us Canadians to spend time with our families. I myself have taken the 2 hour trip to Ottawa to spend the holidays with my Mom and to see some friends I have not seen in ages. This is my second trip to O-Town in the last month as last week was the CD Release for my fav local band Go Long (!), but as I was only up for the night I didn’t have time to see everyone I would have liked to, so this weekend I am spending time with as many people as I can schedule, then back off to Montreal I go till prolly Xmas.

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