Well now that my life is getting somewhat back in order, I have decided to take on a personal project this summer. Being from Ottawa, Ontario, the Montreal Metro system is somewhat of a marvel to me, having miles and miles of underground tunnels, linked in with something they call the RESO, which is the underground city of Montreal which connects several malls, office buildings and apartment buildings in the downtown core.

After living in Montreal for over a year now I take the Metro on a daily basis, but I only go one stop. Not much in the way of exploration. So I decided this summer I would travel the Metro, and I mean really travel it. I only visit 2 ou of the 68 Metro Stations, I wat to know what the other 66 stations have to offer, whats malls are around them, where is a good place to eat if I am taking the Metro. So this summer, along with a good friend of mine, Mayra, we will be traveling the metro and taking in the sights. We did the math and it should take us about 17 weekends to complete the project (68 stops, 4 stops a weekend). We will be using my MatthewKoster.com website to document our travels which will include everything you need to know about the metro, from what busses you need to take to get to each stop, to what to eat on the way as well as where you can shop.

I hope you will join us this summer on our amazing journey while we explore Montreal via the Metro.

P.S. I hope I get my Nikon camera by then or the pictures will suck lol