I just realized after reading Go Long (!)’s press Release that my blog is listed in the “Press” section. Sadly, the post I created entitled “Go Long (!) an Awesome Local Band” which was posted in November of 2011 no longer exists. So I am gonna write another article on them for the simple fact that they are an Awesome local band (To Ottawa) and their music is becoming more and more popular.

If you have no idea who Go Long (!) is, I suggest you check out their site: GoLong.info.

I have known the lead singer Danielle for about 5 years now and fell in love with her voice. When I first met her (via her sister, who is a good friend of mine) she was playing in another local band called Far From the Trees, and her style was amazing. However each band member had different styles and different goals, so they split.

A few years later Danielle got together with Lucas Haneman, an award winning Jazz artist, together after years of collaborations, formed the start of Go Long (!). Whenever I had a chance I would go see the duo perform as again i loved the sound of the music they play. Its hard to describe because they do not stick to one style like many other bands, instead they incorporate a plethora of styles into a very entertaining display of musical talent.

Recently Dani and Lucas have teamed up with Nicolas Crisafi, who is an extremely talented base player. Together the trio play venues all over the Ottawa/Gatineau area, and I am hoping that one day they will play here in Montreal as I miss their music.

If you have a chance, go to one of their shows, not only will you have a night of amazing music, but you will be entertained like never before. Their CD release “Strings Untied” is due to come out this fall (Late September) and I for one cannot wait to get my hands on a copy.

Here are a few videos from the past:

Hallowen 2011 (Heance the crazy costumes) – Go Long (!) @ Sippy Cup Cafe

Go Long (!) @ The Elmdale Tavern

Go Long (!) @ Sippy Cup Cafe

Go Long (!) @ The Druid

Go Long (!) – Cover me Canada Video

As you can see from the videos above, they have a beautiful sound (and even more so with Nic’s bass).

The only way to describe them for me is take a bit of every style, blend it with a bit of sugar, some coffee beans, a few tunes from other artists twisted with a little zesty lime, a lot of original recipe, puree it all together, and you get something so awesome, it sounds like rainbows… Ok, not exactly a great description, let me put it into simpler words: Go Long (!) plays multiple styles of music, they are great to listen to while drinking coffee and eating treats (I should know, saw them at Sippy Cub Cafe), they play covers with a twist of originality (sometimes you can’t even tell its a cover they have changed it so much), they have their own unique style of music and many original songs, they are absolutely amazing to listen to, and they are one of the few things I miss about living in Ottawa. Again, if you have a chance, go see them. If you don’t know when they are playing, check out their site and click on Events, it will list their upcoming venues.