In July I posted about my favourite local band (to my home town of Ottawa), Go Long (!). I have been following the beautiful voice of Danielle Allard (Lead Singer of Go Long(!)) for quite a few years and I am extremely impressed with how far she has come since the days of Far From the Trees (The first band I saw Dani sing in). With the CD Release less than a month away I was excited to hear that they released an new video from their soon to be released album.

Having followed Dani and Lucas since they join together and more recently following the trio (Dani, Lucas and Nicolas) and of course being their web master, I have had the privileged of listening to their wonderful style of music. The video didn’t let me down at all. Their fun nature that you would normally see at one of their shows is not lost in the video at all.

If you are into having a great time, getting entertained immensely, and love great music, visit their website, find out when and where they are playing, and see one of their shows. This band has come a long way and they are rising fast.

Here’s their new Official Video – “Hurricane”