Ok, so I just got back to my humble abode trying to digest all the information that I ingested during my 5 hours of training. Charlotte, my predecessor, and therefore trainer, managed to successfully inform me of everything there is to know about the job, something that is not a very easy task. I can only hope that I am as good a Manager and Systems Admin as she was.

My first thought about this job was that it would be a breeze, I mean I AM a Network Admin and have been for years, but there is a lot more to this job than just Network Administration. I am also in charge of the Volunteers for the computer center, and the set up and take down of the electronics used for all the events that go on at the Library as well as several other duties.

It will take time to get used to my new position, but I am up for the challenge, only wish I had more time for Charlotte to share her knowledge, although she got it down in 5 hours, it would be nice to have someone to shadow me on my first few days to make sure I actually got it all. But all in all I think I will do just fine.

Tonight I am out to dinner with my brother who is coming to Montreal from Ottawa to see me for some project help, so that will keep my mind off the extra set of weights that’s been put on my shoulders… Come Monday Morning, “shit just got serious”…