In my spare time I love to browse Youtube, but unlike most of the world which is more interested in “i can has cheezburger” and Epic fail videos, I prefer educational videos. Here is a small list of channels I like to frequent along with a few sample videos to give you a taste:

First up is C. G. P. Grey which explains a lot of strange geographical/governmental grey areas and tries to limit some confusion. Here is their most recent upload (as of the date of this post)

Next up, another highly educational channel called Minute Physics which as you guessed it, teaches you all about physics in a short period (most videos are under 5 minutes). Here is their latest video (again, at the time of this post)

And the last Educational channel I will mention today (before I post some other cool, not so education channels) is Minute Earth, which is a recent creation from the makers of Minute Physics, It talks more about the earth and every day things that are not physics based.

Now for a list of slightly less (maybe not even) educational channels to check out:

Bad Lip Reading – Pretty funny stuff where they dub over movies with other words that match the lips. Below is a sample of the channel where the takes scenes from Hunger Games. Pay special attention to the scene which starts at 1:58 into the video… “Yay, a goat”

Barely Political – I love this channel for its parodies, some of which I have posted in the past

Epic Rap Battles of History – Everyone loves a good Rap Battle, but these have a twist. Below is one of my favourite videos, Cleopatra vs. Marilyn Monroe, check out Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates too (For season one check out Nice Peter’s channel)

Screen Junkies – Best known for their “Honest Trailers” where the make a movie trailer and tell you the honest truth about the movie. Featured below (Since its July 4th) is the Honest Trailer for Independence Day

And some awesome Music Channels

It goes without saying that I also visit one my fav band’s Youtube Channel as well. Go Long (!) is a great local band that is making headlines in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) and will be traveling through the Eastern half of Canada this summer. They were recently featured on Rogers TV:

Another good music channel I frequent is LindseyStomp which is the musical channel for Lindsey Sterling whom I must say is one hell of a violinist. I fell in love with her music when Youtube published its top trending videos of 2012. She has a lot of original music and her covers are so unique, its hard to even call them covers. Here is the video that got me interested in her music: