Back on Facebook, but not without issues…

So after two weeks of shutting off my access to Facebook, I find myself logging back in. It seems to remove your digital fingerprint from the net is almost impossible. If you are an android user like myself, and a Facebook user, chances are, on several apps you have installed, you have logged in with Facebook. This presents a problem once you delete that account. You cannot re-create the account with the same email, as its already registered. And creating a new account also means you have to start everything over.


A while back I posted a video of a man reciting a poem about our state of being, and how it has changed due to the antisocial aura of technology. And on the same topic I rencetly posted how technology has dumbed us down a bit. Today I found another great video, but in thinking of how I came to view the video, it seems kind of hypocritical, I found both on Facebook, which is part of the Anti-Social problem.

Has Social Media made us into Mindless Zombies? “Experts” say YES!

This of course assumes that you believe in me as being an Expert in Social Media… Which of course I am not, but that never seems to stop anyone these days.  I mean anything you read on Social Media sites has to be the truth right? Welcome to Another Considered Normal Rant.  Todays Rant brought to you by Facebook, Spreading Misinformation and Terrorizing the Nation since February 4th 2004.


No Regrets2

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I have no regrets, to have regrets is to wish something was different about your life, to have regrets is to play the “what if” game with your past. “What if I hadn’t messed up that relationship”, “what if I had taken that job out west”, “what if I had stayed”, or “what if I had left”. But to play the “What if” game can take a turn for the worse… “What if I had been a few seconds faster”, a thought that used to run through my head about my accident when I was 2 weeks away from turning 16, traveling up the overpass on my bike when a car cut me off, sending me flying through the air and crashing down on my back. A few seconds earlier, and I would have been hit head on by the car, and probably not writing this post. I stopped playing the “What if” game years ago, the past is the past, nothing can be done to change it.



Yesterday I posted an article about how events like Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster have destroyed our world, and how we cannot help but destroy our natural resources.  Today, a friend of mine on Facebook, posted a link to a High Existence post entitled “10 Reasons Why EarthShips Are F!#%ing Awesome“.  I started looking at the concepts and it blew me away.  We have the ability to create homes that 1. Recycle material like old tires, tin cans, and plastic bottles, 2. Reduce our strain on our ecosystem, by reducing or eliminating our need to be attached to the grid (electricity), 3. Cost little to nothing yearly to operate.  And they cost very little build, from a couple of thousand dollars for the smaller models to just under $100,000 for the larger more luxurious models.


1374122_10151985945300522_1029092397_nI was on Facebook today and came across the image to the left.  Now I live in Canada, and its no different here.  We have changed so much to be politically correct and socially acceptable that we have forgotten who we are.  In 2009 headlines were abuzz with the fact that schools in New Brunswick were no longer going to sing “O Canada”, our National Anthem, sadly for purposes of privacy, the exact reason Parents didn’t want their children singing was not mentioned.  (Story here)

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