I have no regrets, to have regrets is to wish something was different about your life, to have regrets is to play the “what if” game with your past. “What if I hadn’t messed up that relationship”, “what if I had taken that job out west”, “what if I had stayed”, or “what if I had left”. But to play the “What if” game can take a turn for the worse… “What if I had been a few seconds faster”, a thought that used to run through my head about my accident when I was 2 weeks away from turning 16, traveling up the overpass on my bike when a car cut me off, sending me flying through the air and crashing down on my back. A few seconds earlier, and I would have been hit head on by the car, and probably not writing this post. I stopped playing the “What if” game years ago, the past is the past, nothing can be done to change it.

The choices we make in life and the events that shape us, are what brought us to where we are today. I have no regrets because I am happy with where I am, I love the city I live in, despite its constant battle over language rights. I love my career, and look to further it by going back to college this sprint/summer/fall to get caught up on the changes.

Were mistakes made along the way? I would be a fool to deny it, of course there were mistakes. Broken hearts on both ends, missed opportunities, situations that could have been avoided… But all in all, everything turned out just fine. If any one of those decisions were different, it is more than likely I would be where I am today.

To those I have broken their hearts, I am sorry. To those that have broken mine, thank you. It is because of those events, along with job choices, life decisions, and a few uncontrollable events, that I am who I am, and I would not change it for the world.

No, no regrets here.

It is now 2014, I will turn 35 this year, what brought on this post was looking at a bunch of past albums on Facebook, looking over all the events brought back good memories; drinks with age-old friends, singing at Karaoke like no one is listening, and just having fun. But as time goes by, you realize that the good memories are the ones worth keeping, and the bad choices we made are worth forgetting. Regrets cannot help you advance, they can only hold you back.

To all my readers, may 2014 be a year you can forgive your past, look to the future and live, free of regret, and move forward.