1374122_10151985945300522_1029092397_nI was on Facebook today and came across the image to the left.  Now I live in Canada, and its no different here.  We have changed so much to be politically correct and socially acceptable that we have forgotten who we are.  In 2009 headlines were abuzz with the fact that schools in New Brunswick were no longer going to sing “O Canada”, our National Anthem, sadly for purposes of privacy, the exact reason Parents didn’t want their children singing was not mentioned.  (Story here)

Canada, unlike the States, is huge on Multi-Culturalism (The United States is usually refereed to as a Melting Pot) but why should our acceptance of other people’s faith, religion, culture and ways of life, make it so that we have to give up our own?  We are Canadian, we are proud of our heritage.  We celebrate that by singing O Canada in our schools, and at major events.  If you don’t like it, then you can leave as far as I am concerned.

If you are from a foreign country and want to move to Canada, we welcome you with open arms.  But remember, you chose to come here.  You are welcome to bring your faiths and beliefs with you, and you have the right not to be scrutinized for them, as long as they fall within our laws.  But why should we stop celebrating our own culture to make other cultures welcome.

When I go into someone else’s home who is of a different culture or faith, I don’t complain that they are not abiding by my culture’s ways, I respect THEIR ways, and appreciate them for allowing me into their home, and if they say prayer I bow my head, not out of a feeling of having to do so, but as a sign of respect, and respecting the people whose house I was so graciously invited into.

Our country needs to step up, keep its heritage proud and not back down in any circumstance.  If anyone from outside wants to complain, then they don’t need to come here.  No one is forcing you to live here.

We respect you for your culture, respect us for our’s.

I am sorry if I offended anyone, I meant no disrespect, I only want to voice my opinion how my culture, my beliefs as a Canadian, born and raised, are disrespected.