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The top 4 things I read today that made me say WTF?! (My Second WTF Post)

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It’s rare I come across something so messed up that it makes me say WTF (“What the F*ck” for those who do not know abbreviations very well). Today is one of those rare occasions.

The list is in chronological order (the order I came across them) and not based on their WTFness (level of WTF).


I came across a post on Facebook (of all places) which contained a link to a site with the title “NASA SCIENTISTS ADMIT THE FACT – THEY FOUND HEAVEN – GOD EXISTS – LOST CITY OF ATLANTIS FOUND“, the site only contains two posts, the first entitled “EXPERTS FIND GLASS PYRAMIDS SUBMERGED IN THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE MYSTERY” which tells a poorly spun tail of how crystal pyramids, larger then the ones in Egypt, reside under the Bermuda Triangle.…

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Will the USA be responsible for the downfall of mankind?

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Now before you get all upset I am not talking about the American People, I know quite a few Americans and in general they are pretty nice people. No, I am talking about the idiots in power. Now again, before you start bitching, I am not talking about the President either (Ok, some of them have been pretty out there [cough]Bush[cough]), I am talking about those with the real power… the brainiacs (said sarcastically) in charge of the military.

I just read 2 articles that make my head spin. And both are from ages ago, long before my time. I am talking about the Starfish Prime Nuclear Test (on wikipedia) and Project West Ford (on wikipedia).…

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New Catagory for the CN Site: WTF

Yup, I created a new category here for some of the strangest stuff I come across on the new. Here are a few things I have come across (this is just a quick post, so I may repost more about these individually later):

  • Edible Anus: Yup someone took a mold of someone ass, and then made chocolates out of the mold… Seriously, WTF!
  • Images you should not masturbate to: That’s right, a book packed with images you should not masturbate to… WTF!
  • Bacon Condoms: Yes, condoms that look like bacon, and as an added bonus, J&D’s baconlube™ ultra premium water based meat flavoured personal lubricant has been generously applied inside and out for an even more hot pork experience.
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