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Is the Earth Spherical or Flat? Part 2

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Well I promised a part 2 to this article, but this will be more of a rant than a discussion.  You see, the more and more videos I watched, the more and more I got discouraged.  Not that my beliefs of a spherical earth were being torn away, but because of the idiocy I experienced in watching the videos… I will explain a few of these now.


The star that changes color:

It is a known belief in the Flat Earth model that there is no space, and that all the starts in the sky are simply some source of light put there by the creator.  …

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Is the Earth Spherical or Flat? Part 1

Matthew 2 Comments

Ok, before you start laughing your ass off at the thought of a Flat Earth, this movement seems to be gaining ground over the last few months.  But it seems to bring up more questions than answers, and unlike most of the videos you will find on Youtube, there is no 100% proof the world is flat.

Before we get started, we need to figure out what that Flat Earth Model is.  This is no easy feat.  I have seen dozens of videos on the topic and have read may web pages on certain topics. Here is Wikipedia’s description of the Flat Earth’s model.…

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Back on Facebook, but not without issues…

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So after two weeks of shutting off my access to Facebook, I find myself logging back in. It seems to remove your digital fingerprint from the net is almost impossible. If you are an android user like myself, and a Facebook user, chances are, on several apps you have installed, you have logged in with Facebook. This presents a problem once you delete that account. You cannot re-create the account with the same email, as its already registered. And creating a new account also means you have to start everything over.

So now I am back on Facebook, and trying to clean it up.…

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Today is the day I left Facebook

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So it is official, I have left Facebook for good.  Yes I will miss the conversations with some awesome people that I have met over the years.  Yes I will miss seeing all the goofy posts, and sharing them just the same. Yes, I will even miss the hours I spend browsing the feeds. I am not leaving Facebook because of Facebook (although the 4am game notifications were kinda annoying).  No, I am not leaving the (Anti)Social Media Mega Giant for any reason that the could have caused.  I am leaving it because I have become more security conscious.

Over the last several months, Internet Security has been a hot topic as many popular sites across the web are being hacked.  …

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RANT: Stop making EVERYTHING about Race.

As many of you who watch/read/listen to the news, there have been an increasing amount of Police Brutality incidents involving white cops and black victims, which in most reported cases results in the needless death of the victim. The most recent of course being Freddie Gray’s death in police custody. Which resulted in the massive protests, riots and looting happening in Baltimore.  This article is not about that although I do have this to say about it.  The police officers involved in the needless acts of violence towards anyone, black or not, should never be put back on the streets.  …

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