Well I promised a part 2 to this article, but this will be more of a rant than a discussion.  You see, the more and more videos I watched, the more and more I got discouraged.  Not that my beliefs of a spherical earth were being torn away, but because of the idiocy I experienced in watching the videos… I will explain a few of these now.

I apologize for not giving any references, I had the book marks saved, but reformatted my PC without backing them up. I tried to look for the articles but was unable to locate them…


The star that changes color:

It is a known belief in the Flat Earth model that there is no space, and that all the starts in the sky are simply some source of light put there by the creator.  Their proof?  The above image, of a zoomed in distance star that appears to change colors, like an LED… Therefor stars are lights… (SMH or shaking my head).  Obviously, these people have no idea how digital cameras work.  So let me explain.  A digital camera works by capturing the image via a photo cell, and then digital reconstructs what it sees.  This is great for bright situations, however dimly light situations, the camera has to “guess” the color. (see photo of night cityscape below)

cityscape Now a photo is one thing, a video is another.  In a digital video, the processor is constantly trying to determine the color, as this magnified star is not bright enough for the chip to detect is actual color, so it shifts between colors as it tried to guess.  The star itself is not changing colors, in fact if you look at the same start through a telescope, you will not see this color change.

Which brings me to my next topic:

Telescopes “create” images

maggalssThis is actually from an article I read from a flat earther that states telescopes cannot be trusted as they create their images… As described “Optical telescopes are designed to collect and create images”, however I think they took this a little too literally.   I mean, A magnifying glass creates a larger image of the text out of a book… does this mean that the image you are seeing is fake? that it some how changes the original text to make you read something other than what was actually written?  A telescope (optical) is a much of magnifying lenses and mirrors, that simply magnify the image, they don’t change it into something its not… (smh… again).

Northern Constellations can be seen from the Southern Hemisphere

In another flat earth article, it was arguing that a spherical earth comments about the north and south pole stars being able to be photographed from the equator could only be true in a flat earth model. I really wish I could find this article as I wanted to quote what he said, because again they took things too literally… THe flat earther too this to mean that the north and south pole stars would be in the same photo… when in reality this means you can take a photo of the north start from the equator, AND a photo of the south pole star from the equator. Basic English skills apply. Also, its is impossible for there to be a South Pole start in a flat earth model as there is no south pole…

Another article on the same topic states that you can see the northern constellations from Australia… If this was possible, then so should be the reverse, I from my cottage in the Gatineau hills of Quebec should be able to see the southern constellations… which fact is I cannot.

Ship disapearing at the horizon is not going over the curve, but behind a wave

shipI am serious, flat earthers believe that when you see a tall ship disappear over the horizon, this is not due to the curvature of the earth, its disappearing behind a wave, cuz you know waves are 50 fee tall in the middle of the ocean…  I mean I would be more worried of the 50 foot wave hitting the shore and wonder where the earthquake was that started the tsunami… By the way this also happens on very large lakes (like the great lakes) which the waves are no where near as tall as a tall ship…

Conclusion of Rant

I could go on with the holes in flat earthers theories and some of the pure BS i have come across, but that would take up much more time than I am now willing to spend on the subject. I spent over 48 hours of my life watching flat earth videos and reading articles written by flat earthers and have come to the following conclusion… They are all delusional. Many are very uneducated. And to believe that Science, something that has to be proven through experiment and result, is a global conspiracy, and that their belief which cannot be proven through experiment and result is reality, is absurd. The idea that the spherical earth and space is “New World Order” brain washing is a joke. The concept of a spherical earth has been around for centuries, before the “New World Order” was even a thing, before the western world was even rediscovered. SO do I believe the world is flat? No, I do not.

End of Rant.