It’s rare I come across something so messed up that it makes me say WTF (“What the F*ck” for those who do not know abbreviations very well). Today is one of those rare occasions.

The list is in chronological order (the order I came across them) and not based on their WTFness (level of WTF).


Is it possible that we don’t see the same colours?
This question has plagued my mind for decades…

I have several pleasant memories of my late father, but when this question – “Do we really see the same colors?” – hit my mind again today, a not so pleasant memory came to mind. When I was younger, maybe 15 or 16, I posed this question to my father, “What if what I see as green grass, to you is really blue grass, we only both call it green because that is what we were taught?”, the response I got was an agitated “Don’t be stupid”.

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supersuSo my phone updated to 4.3 the other day, didn’t notice much of a change except for the fact my phone was no longer rooted. This was a bit of a pain as quite a few of my apps require root. Take for instance Hola, a program used to fool the internet into believing you come from a different IP so that you can unlock sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Space. Hola, in order to function the way it is supposed to needs root access. Now some can argue that you don’t need root and can use the VPN method of connecting, well if you had ever tried the rooted way, you would know why VPN isn’t the best way to go.


As the title suggest, Windows has gone off the deep end, well at its core anyway.

Today I installed a test run of Windows 8 Pro in a virtual environment just to see what the OS had to offer… within the first 5 minutes I was pulling out my hair and screaming for Windows 7.

When you first install Windows 8, you are presented with, well, as their commercial theme song would suggest, “Everything At Once” which to some, like myself, is considered information overload. When I first saw the Windows 8 Menu, I had no idea what I was doing.


Google Maps is a huge resource these days for those looking for directions. In the last few years they have traveled the streets giving you the ability to “Be there” visually instead of just looking ta map. Recently Google has taken on a new challenge, bring you into local businesses and Historical Buildings.

One of the buildings Google has taken on is the Atwater Library and Computer Centre where you can now find a pic of Yours Truly (see picture below).

Some other cool places they have been in are Kappo Nagi in Kyoto, Japan, Chataigner Yves in Paris, France, and even Restaurant Chez Queux here in Montreal, QC.


As many people know I am an avid supporter of Google, be it their Gmail, Chrome, Android, or any other Google product, I have always had good experiences with everything that comes out. The newest (to me) is Google Drive.

Google Drive is an especially good find as I have been an active user of Dropbox, which is the same sort of thing. The problem with Dropbox, or rather my limit, was that it was reached quite quickly. Dropbox by default for a free account gives you only 2GB, I have been able to get it up to 3.1 by referring friends and following them on Twitter, etc. But that’s still a very small amount for what I need. So when I found out about Google Drive, which gives you 5GB right off the bat, I had to check it out.

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