I am looking forward to picking up the Google Nexus phone this up coming week. I have been without a phone for almost 2 months now and it is killing me. For a person so connected to technology as I am, not having a cell phone is devastating. But thankfully I get to replace the old torch with a more up to date phone that can handle new OSes. The problem with the Blackberry line of phones is they don’t make them update-able. Over the years I have had a few Blackberry phones, the most recent ones were the Curve 8530 which had OS 5 and would not allow the upgrade to 6, so I got a Torch, and less then 8 months later they announce 7, which the torch 9800 will not support. So I decided that since my non-upgrade-able phone got stolen, instead of just getting a replacement, I would get a phone with a little more personality, looks and function, The Google Nexus. I will get picks once I get it next week.

More posts coming soon, as I am looking into a new project and will post my success n a daily basis.