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Hotmail/Outlook forcing recovery options forcing a secure password would be a better option.

Matthew 2 Comments

UPDATE (2019/04/12): The site I was using for Password Fault no longer worked. They have switched to Passwordfault.com, however, their site is not secure (non-https) and therefore has been updated to Comparitech.

Not too long ago Microsoft’s free webmail, Hotmail, got a facelift and a name change. The new Outlook as it is called is now forcing its recovery options on the end user, making them chose between only two options, cell or email. The problem is, not everyone has a cell phone or an alternate email.

As most of you know I am a manager at a public computer centre in Montreal, Canada, and on a daily basis I deal with several patrons whom most of which use Outlook as their email of choice.…

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Second test of JetPack

Matthew 1 Comment

As I mentioned in my last post I am testing out WordPress.com’s new wordpress plugin called JetPack.  It adds a lot of the functionality that WP.com users get to your hosted installation. The question though, is does it post to social media sites when you post from a cell phone using a mobile app like WordPress for Android, Apple, and Blackberry.

This post will serve as a test as I am writing this on my Galaxy Nexus.  I will comment if it works or not.…

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New phone this week

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I am looking forward to picking up the Google Nexus phone this up coming week. I have been without a phone for almost 2 months now and it is killing me. For a person so connected to technology as I am, not having a cell phone is devastating. But thankfully I get to replace the old torch with a more up to date phone that can handle new OSes. The problem with the Blackberry line of phones is they don’t make them update-able. Over the years I have had a few Blackberry phones, the most recent ones were the Curve 8530 which had OS 5 and would not allow the upgrade to 6, so I got a Torch, and less then 8 months later they announce 7, which the torch 9800 will not support.…

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