Adding a Google Calendar event using Google Forms
This article is fairly old and definitelly out of date. Google has changed its API and i have not had time to update this post. I would recommend reading this article written by Fredrik which details how to use the new api. Happy Coding.

For a long time now I have been trying to find an easy way for the volunteers under my command to submit vacation requests.  I searched high and low for a PHP scheduler but nothing suited my needs.


If you follow my blog, you would know that I recently got myself a new phone.  The Google Nexus 5 to be exact.  Now the differences between the Galaxy Nexus (my original android phone) and my current Nexus 5 by LG are slight and almost unnoticeable.  The first of which is of course the new Nexus 5 runs Android KitKat (4.4) where as the Galaxy Nexus stopped at Jelly Bean (4.3) due to the manufacturer of the chips hoping out of the mobile game – Thank you for that Texas Instruments (link to article).


Nexus-5-Press-Image-001-1280x874As my original Samsung Galaxy Nexus now has a Multi-Crack Screen I decided to upgrade to the latest and greatest.  Now the LG Nexus 5 may not be the best top of the line phone that’s out there, as the Galaxy S4 and other latest tech phones do have a bit higher rating, however nothing can beat the Nexus 5 when it comes to being PURE Android.  It’s the reason I only get the Google’s Nexus line of phones, they are 100% Pure Android.  This means no Manufacturer or Carrier “BloatWare” and no special proprietary customizations.


While processing my first Game On! video I came across a bit of an issue.  I had rendered a lower 3rd banner in After Effects and wanted to import it as a layer into Sony Vegas which I use to do the final processing of my videos.  The problem was when I imported the video, it usually imported with a black background.

I had done a search for this in Google and surprisingly found very little in ways of importing transparent videos, all I could find was how to import transparent backgrounds (usually involving a PNG file).  I did how ever find one saving grace, one of the youtube videos explained exactly how to do it. Trollshopping published a video entitled Tutorial: How to render transparent clips in After Effects & the tricky ìmport in Sony Vegas


IMG_20131021_110656Quite a while back I noticed a new symbol on my bank card, it looked similar to the RSS logo you’d usually find on a website. I already knew what it meant, and knew what was coming. Shortly after I noticed merchants with debit machine carrying the same symbol, my worst fears had been confirmed. A few weeks ago, I decided to test it out to see if my fears were really as bad as I thought, or if I was just over reacting. My fears were indeed as bad as I thought they were. I had purchased a coffee at local Timmies (Tim Hortons), but instead of inserting my card, and putting in my pin, I simply pressed my card up against the screen, and read the feedback… Approved. No pin entry, no security, it just took my payment.


I am not much for news, I listen to MP3s and watch Netflix, I don’t have Cable TV, anf I don’t subscribe to any newspapers.  So I get all my news from random hits on the web, if it peaks my interest, I do a Google search for more info…

picThe image to the left caught my eye on Facebook today and on any other day it would seem like a funny little saying, which is what I took it as at first.

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