Well this weekend has been a hell of a downer for me. On Friday I opened the store at 8:30 so my boss/good friend could sleep in, having going out the night before for one of his friends birthdays. He called me that morning on my cell to ask me if opening went okay, and as I was up front putting out the papers, everything was fine. After the call I put down the phone on the desk nearest the door and finished putting out the papers.

Around mid day I wondered where my phone was (while at work I rarely have it on me, its either at my desk charging, or somewhere within reach). I took a good look around and could not find it anywhere. So on to Blackberry Protects website to see if I can set it off and hopefully hear it (this is more guaranteed to work than a call because this action causes the phone to automatically switch to the loudest setting, even if you have it set to mute). Nothing… not a sound. So I hit the “Track Phone Location” button (god I love this about blackberry’s).. and to my surprise, My phone is on the move… away from the store heading north behind the buildings. I call my boss to find out when he is coming in as I wanna pound whom ever just jacked by phone… He wouldn’t be in for a while… So I locked the phone remotely, set off the alarm on it, and displayed a message stating to return it to the store.

Well by the time my boss got in, the fucker was long gone… My phone hadn’t pinged in over an hour, and last known location was the parking lot behind the bank up the street. Hoping the jacker may have tossed it (I mean what would do if your phone was omitting an alarm which you could not turn off cuz its locked? I’d toss is hoping not to draw attention to myself). But alas, no luck, the batter was dead on it (I knew I should plugged it in that night) so all trace of the phone was gone. When I got back to the office I set it to erase all data the second it came back online.

So for the next 2 months I have to pay off the remaining balance on the phone (about $300), and once I get a new phone, hope I can keep some of the features I have had with my old phone (i.e. the “My 10” which allows me to call most of my closest friends without being charged as most of them live back in Ontario) as well as my 1GB data plan and unlimited texting. as my next phone will sadly NOT be a Blackberry. With all the problems BB has had in the past year, I think its time to go towards a more up-to-date phone (Nooo, not the iPhone), something with Android on it, and most likely the Galaxy Nexus (Google’s phone).