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Another Email Scam – Gotta love these

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In the past I have made posts on some of the scams I get in my email.  I came across another one today just made me laugh.  Apparently it’s from Mr.Timothy F. Geithner, Under Secretary for International Affairs of the United States Treasury Department. There are several RED FLAGS that get raised while reading it. I will note each one with a number in red, like this1 and explain why it’s a red flag at the end.

From: Mr.Timothy F. Geithner <officefileoffice0001@yahoo.dk>1
To: Undisclosed Recipients2

(Office of the Under Secretary)
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,
Washington D.C.

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Crazy Sinkhole in Latvia

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While browsing some of the many sites I like to visit I came a cross an article about a crazy whirlpool/sinkhole that was discovered in Dviete Parish, Latvia.  After watching the video, I was amazed at how much debris the hole took in without stopping.  It looks to be at the bank of a river in the middle of its spring thaw.  The hole seems to suck in everything that goes near it, even large sheets of ice.  Watch the video bellow to see it in action:

Sources: Above Top Secret and MSN

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Farewell to the Flame (The theft of the Torch)

Well this weekend has been a hell of a downer for me. On Friday I opened the store at 8:30 so my boss/good friend could sleep in, having going out the night before for one of his friends birthdays. He called me that morning on my cell to ask me if opening went okay, and as I was up front putting out the papers, everything was fine. After the call I put down the phone on the desk nearest the door and finished putting out the papers.

Around mid day I wondered where my phone was (while at work I rarely have it on me, its either at my desk charging, or somewhere within reach).…

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