Well this is new, the blackberry definitely didn’t have this app installed. I had to get from my apartment in Dorval all the way to Canada Computers in Laval with absolutely no idea how to get there by car. That’s right , 6months on the island and I rarely leave Dorval. But none the less I neded to fix my PC.  So I access their website on my new nexus and I hut the link to Google maps (I was gonna copy the address and add it manually but I can’t figure out how to copy text from a web site on this thing) and I hit directions. I used my current location as the start point and the store as my destination, then I hit navigation. It launched Google Nav and gave vocal turn by turn instructions. Absolutely awesome. It also knew where there was construction and guided me through it.

Now if only they would release Jelly Bean for my device so that it wouldn’t lag when I am typing lol.