tumblr_inline_mupyacR7TY1so8tquDoctors have forever been one of the professions we regards in the highest when it comes to authoritative figures.  By this I mean people you can trust, be it to keep you safe, or to keep you healthy, Doctors have always been there to help us, and keep our deepest secrets safe (Doctor Client privilege).

Along with Priests and lawyers, this privilege is sacred, and should never be broken except in absolutely extreme circumstances (ex: If a psychiatrist find out one of his patients is a serial killer, they need to report it).  But now Doctors are using Social Media to post images and comments about patients.

“use of social media and social networking may undermine a proper physician-patient relationship and the public trust.”

According to an article I just read from Slate via Business Insider, ~30% of State Medical Board reports involve online violations of patient confidentiality.

Read the full article here. It is a bit long, with several links to other instances, but its a good informative read.