Ok, so I figured I would rant a little today. You see, for teh past month or so I have been so excited to get myself a new Credit Card, things have been on the Up and Up and I figured I could use one to try and get my credit score rating back up a tad (seeing as I have had majorly bad credit for the past 7 years). Now I have had a lot planned for this new CC, number 1 being a brand new Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Now I have been without a phone for over a month now and the withdrawal symptoms are kicking in, especially since I am so close to getting one.

So last week I finally receive my Identification Verification form, standard in order to get a secured credit card (by secured it means I had to pay an amount in advance to get the card, standard for folks with crappy credit ratings). Now what got me was the included with the form was a prepaid return envelope via Express Post, which means instead of taking weeks to get to its destination, it would take a day or so. I was told that after they received the form the CC would be in my hands within 5-7 business days. Now as I did the verification at the Canada Post outlet in the mall across the street, I know it was sent out the same day: Monday. So they should have received the letter by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest, and should have processed it same day, MAYBE a day later… Instead they processed it Friday, 4 days after I sent it.

So I was expecting my CC this week, I mean I sent the letter 9 days ago, I should have received it. So I called the CC company and asked where my card was. They had told me that my form was processed on Friday the 3rd and I should be getting my card soon… So i am sitting here, my mouth foaming with anticipation of getting my new phone that now I have to wait a little extra for. Thank GOD I get paid tomorrow and can get the phone BEFORE I get my credit card.

Now here is the funny thing. I was also told that 2-3 days after I receive my card, I will get my PIN code via mail… Get this… I got my PIN code the same day they processed my card, LAST FRIDAY!!!! WTF are they backwards or something? “Here’s your PIN code, just to tease you” Seriously… WTF?

So now I am ranting because I so BAAAAAADDDDLLLYYYYY Want my phone so I can get back in contact with close friends and get my email notifications on time.

So tomorrow (Maybe Saturday early morning) I will be going to get my phone, then paying off the balance with my CC when it comes in next week. Man, I cannot believe slackiness of companies these days (ok so that’s not really a word, but they do slack a lot…)