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Go Long (!) CD Release.

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I have the extreme pleasure of writing this blog post directly from the CD Release Party for Go Long (!).  Its been an amazing journey for the band to come this far in so short of time. In one interview they stated they were not really planning on doing a release just yet, but the demand from their fans drove them to do think twice about waiting.

I personally have been following Dani’s career for quite a few years now and I feel extremely honored to have the privilege watching these up and coming musicians come so far.

They opened with the tune of their recent video release “Hurricane” followed by “Overwhelmed” then into there rendition of Alana Miles’ “Black Velvet”.…

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Go Long (!) New Video

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In July I posted about my favourite local band (to my home town of Ottawa), Go Long (!). I have been following the beautiful voice of Danielle Allard (Lead Singer of Go Long(!)) for quite a few years and I am extremely impressed with how far she has come since the days of Far From the Trees (The first band I saw Dani sing in). With the CD Release less than a month away I was excited to hear that they released an new video from their soon to be released album.

Having followed Dani and Lucas since they join together and more recently following the trio (Dani, Lucas and Nicolas) and of course being their web master, I have had the privileged of listening to their wonderful style of music.…

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The Stylish Music of Go Long (!)

I just realized after reading Go Long (!)’s press Release that my blog is listed in the “Press” section. Sadly, the post I created entitled “Go Long (!) an Awesome Local Band” which was posted in November of 2011 no longer exists. So I am gonna write another article on them for the simple fact that they are an Awesome local band (To Ottawa) and their music is becoming more and more popular.

If you have no idea who Go Long (!) is, I suggest you check out their site: GoLong.info.

I have known the lead singer Danielle for about 5 years now and fell in love with her voice.…

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