I have the extreme pleasure of writing this blog post directly from the CD Release Party for Go Long (!).  Its been an amazing journey for the band to come this far in so short of time. In one interview they stated they were not really planning on doing a release just yet, but the demand from their fans drove them to do think twice about waiting.

I personally have been following Dani’s career for quite a few years now and I feel extremely honored to have the privilege watching these up and coming musicians come so far.

They opened with the tune of their recent video release “Hurricane” followed by “Overwhelmed” then into there rendition of Alana Miles’ “Black Velvet”.

The crowed is so hyped and energetic tonight. A sold out show for an amazing band. Their style of music is original and up beat. Be it a cover or an original, there is always a unique spin that makes it a one of a kind. If you’re at the show tonight, you can take their rendition of T.I.s “Whatever you like” as a perfect example. It will appear on their CD (the got the full rights to do so from the original writers) but if you have ever seen it live, each rendition is different and more entertaining than the last.

Some of the covers played include “Green Grass” by Tom Waits, “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, “Rolling in the deep” by Adele, and many more, all with an original twist that only Go Long (!) Can perform. Mixed with several originals some on the CD other not.

The sound is hard to describe because its so unique. With the recent addition of Nicolas Cristafi on classical and electric bass they have a very very full sound for almost any type music style.

The band includes Danielle Allard on guitar (electric and acoustic) banjo, keyboard, ukulele, and lead vocals, Lucas Haneman (award winning jazz artist) on guitar (electric and acoustic), banjo, and mansolin , and of course the previous mentioned Nicolas Cristafi on Bass. And percussions by Masai Edwards.

Remember the name Go Long (!), you’ll be hearing more of them in the months and years to come.

Again I feel deeply honored to have been following and watching the band grow from small shows at many local bars and coffee shops, to seeing their dream of having a CD release realized. They are destined for greater things and will probably be touring Canada very shortly.

To the band, congratulations on an amazing CD release party, you guys are amazing. Its been a please do be and to continue to be your webmaster.

Sadly enough my phone died before the end of the show, it ended as anyone would expect of an amazing show, a standing ovation followed by an encore. An amazing show.