How to change the SSH port on ESXi 6.0

Every once in a while I hit a topic that I just can’t find any information on. This happens to be one of those topics. If you want to change the SSH Port on ESXi 5.x, no problem, VMWare provides you with Knowledgebase article on that. And someone made it a little clearer in a blog post. But no where could I find any procedure that worked for ESXi 6.0, so here I am writing this article, as after 5 hours of messing around and not being able to login, having to reset the server setting each time, I feel the need to share my finding with everyone, hoping that it will easy the burden on those looking to find answers.

Back on Facebook, but not without issues…

So after two weeks of shutting off my access to Facebook, I find myself logging back in. It seems to remove your digital fingerprint from the net is almost impossible. If you are an android user like myself, and a Facebook user, chances are, on several apps you have installed, you have logged in with Facebook. This presents a problem once you delete that account. You cannot re-create the account with the same email, as its already registered. And creating a new account also means you have to start everything over.

Considered Normal? has moved to Vultr

To the untrained eye, nothing has changed for the site. Only one small detail is missing. You will notice that the Links in the sidebar to my friends and family are gone… not by choice, seems the new versions of WordPress have removed this feature, and since I didn’t bring over the database, pre-existing links (only was to enable the links in newer versions) didn’t carry over. A minor issue.

Today is the day I left Facebook

So it is official, I have left Facebook for good.  Yes I will miss the conversations with some awesome people that I have met over the years.  Yes I will miss seeing all the goofy posts, and sharing them just the same. Yes, I will even miss the hours I spend browsing the feeds. I am not leaving Facebook because of Facebook (although the 4am game notifications were kinda annoying).  No, I am not leaving the (Anti)Social Media Mega Giant for any reason that the could have caused.  I am leaving it because I have become more security conscious.

UPDATE: Going from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, Installing apps the Easy way, and Much Much more.

Well its been a while since I posted anything of value. So today, while its slow at work, I decided to post about my experience in upgrading my laptop from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 which was released on the 29th of July (Yay Free Upgrade). Some of the things I will cover are what to look out for, and more info on what the update allows you to do. I will also cover 2 ways to install free applications the easy way after a wipe and reload (or a bare-metal install). And Finally I will give an update on some of the posts to come.

Configuring multiple IPs on Debian – The Easy Way

I was recently tasked with adding 100+ ips to server at work. Normally we deal with smaller networks, like /28 or /29, but this guy had a /25 which is 128 IPs (125 usable) (Side Note: before you argue and tell me it should be 126 Usable, In our line of work, there are 3 unusable IPs instead of 2… Normally you have Network (first IP in range) and Broadcast (last IP in range), in our line, we add a Gateway (Second IP in range) which is not usable by a server) SO taking away all the unusable IPs, and of course the primary IP assigned to the NIC card, that results in 124 IPs needing to be assigned.

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