Ever since I was a kid, I can remember my brother’s heavy interest in Egyptology. I can remember one year for the science fair, he created a model of one of the theories of how the Egyptians built the pyramid (wooden ramps). At the time though, I myself didn’t have an interest in Egyptian mythology, I mean I was only between 10 and 12 years old at the time. No, it wasn’t until years later that I became interested in Egyptian Mythology. In late 1994, Stargate was in theaters, and it wasn’t until then that I started to get interested in the ancient mythology, but of course, it was a movie and was not a real representation of the true mythology, but none the less, it peeked my interest at the time.

However as I was in my teens, starting high school, my mind drifted to other more important topics, like my studies and of course girls. Although I still had interest in the ancient mythology, it drifted into the back of my head, where it lay dormant for many a year. It wasn’t until recently that it has started to resurface. And no, the movie Gods of Egypt wasn’t what triggered it, although I found it a pretty good movie, the whole “White Wash” topic ruined it for me. No, it was the release of Assassin’s Creed Origins that re-ignited my passion.

I know right, a video game… and one set towards the end of the Pharaonic Period, in the time of Cesar and Cleopatra. However, it covers some amazing destinations in the ancient world like the pyramids and the library of Alexandria. It also references some of the ancient gods like Bastet, Sobek, and of course, my favorite: Anubis. And although not exactly to scale, is fairly historically accurate.

The game has even launched a “Discovery Tour” mode which takes you around Egypt without having to battle like you would in the actual game. It even has guided tours. It even caught the attention of Forbes (link).

So needless to say, my interest in the Ancient Egyptian era has been re-ignited. I love ancient Egyptian art, architecture, and mythology. Even my Linux VM is themed, although based on the game:

Although I am not looking to change my job, the idea of being an archeologist in Egypt is still something I can always dream about. And with the wealth of knowledge online, I can always get my fix by reading articles and watching documentaries like “The Pyramid Code” on Netflix.

Out of all the ancient civilizations, Ancient Egypt will always be the most captivating to me.