Is vlogging even a thing any more?  It’s been so long since I created one I might be a little outdated.

Anyway, I thought my latest post would be one of nostalgia and new adventures.  You see, currently, I spend about 80% of my waking hours on a computer (By computer I mean a mix of Personal Computer, laptop, and server, some Windows-based, some Linux), and that’s pretty much it.  Other than travel time, washroom breaks, or meals, I am pretty much in front of a keyboard, mouse, and screens.

In an attempt to break the monotony, I have decided to try and get back into another passion of mine.  You see, up until about 10 years ago (to be honest a little longer) I was very much into Photography… You see my father was, amongst his other professions and talents, a professional photographer.  He made it a family thing, teaching my brother and me how to take photographs, back when it was still done with film and darkrooms.  Sadly, as film and darkrooms were phased out as memory cards and printers were phased in, photography started to take a back seat as all of our equipment and knowledge on photography became obsolete.

So after 10+ years of being out of the loop, I am jumping head first into Digital Photography… now do not get me wrong, I have a smartphone and a Nikon Coolpix L820, so it’s not like I have never taken a digital photograph before. But point and shoot was never photography to me…  There was no ISO settings, no exposure or aperture settings, no manual focus, all the skill involved has been removed.  Now, this still can be said about pro cameras today, but they do have the MANUAL option which allows you to go old school.  This is why I bought a Nikon D5300.  I know, its a few models out of date (The D5300 was replaced by the D5500 which was in turn replaced by there D5600), but as I am using it old school, the new features of the two newest models are not what interests me, other than a few new features, they are pretty much the same camera.

So with the new camera, I took my first vlog in ages… if the term vlog seems foreign, its ok… I was doing vlogs back in the early 2000’s when the internet was still in its infancy… it’s short for video log… But none the less, I think it turned out great (other than the audio which needs to be fixed) Had to convert from MOV to MP4 so that there was audio… seems my first attempt to render killed the audio after the first cut