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Free Secure Email Certificate from Comodo

Matthew 1 Comment

Hello Again folks,

Almost everyone today has an email account. Be it for business or personal correspondence, security can be an issue. Email itself, inherently, is insecure. Although you can connect to your email provider over TLS or SSL, that does not mean your email is encrypted, it just means your connection to the server is.

Now going full encryption can be a bit of overkill. Especially since that in order for it to be read by whoever you are sending the email to, that person would need your private key to decrypt the email. Now this is not so bad if you are only sending email to one person, but if you have several people, it can get a bit complicated keeping track of who does and who does not have your public key, and them trying to instruct those users on how to install the key… I get a headache just thinking about it.…

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The Wonderful World of Linux

Its been a while since I made a post to my blog. I really should keep up with it. So in an attempt to do so, I decided to write about what I am currently engulfed in: The Wonderful World of Linux. In my life time I have used all major operating systems. In my younger years, before college, I was raised on Mac, up to OS 9… I never got into OS X as by the time it was released, I had already switched over to Windows. Throughout College I mainly worked on Windows and started to dabble in Linux, mind you back then they didn’t have the amount of flavours you have today.…

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VMWare ESXi 6 vs Windows Hyper-V

I just spent the weekend reformatting my home server from Windows 2012R2 Data Center running Hyper-V to VMWare ESXi 6. Now installation issues aside, as ESXi can be very picky, ESXi seems to be exactly what I am looking for as far as virtualization goes.

A little background into my situation first: A few months back I picked up a system I was planning on doing virtualization with. I already had a copy of Win2K12R2 Data Center from when I took a course at Dawson College here in Montreal, so I took advantage of the new system and installed it. I had installed Hyper-V, but didn’t do anything with it until about a month ago when I installed a test of CentOS 7.…

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How to change the SSH port on ESXi 6.0

Matthew 9 Comments

Every once in a while I hit a topic that I just can’t find any information on. This happens to be one of those topics. If you want to change the SSH Port on ESXi 5.x, no problem, VMWare provides you with Knowledgebase article on that. And someone made it a little clearer in a blog post. But no where could I find any procedure that worked for ESXi 6.0, so here I am writing this article, as after 5 hours of messing around and not being able to login, having to reset the server setting each time, I feel the need to share my finding with everyone, hoping that it will easy the burden on those looking to find answers.…

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Considered Normal? has moved to Vultr

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To the untrained eye, nothing has changed for the site. Only one small detail is missing. You will notice that the Links in the sidebar to my friends and family are gone… not by choice, seems the new versions of WordPress have removed this feature, and since I didn’t bring over the database, pre-existing links (only was to enable the links in newer versions) didn’t carry over. A minor issue.

What people may notice however is how blazing fast the site is. The move to Vultr was done for a few reasons. The first being that the database on the old site was having hichups.…

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UPDATE: Going from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, Installing apps the Easy way, and Much Much more.

Well its been a while since I posted anything of value. So today, while its slow at work, I decided to post about my experience in upgrading my laptop from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 which was released on the 29th of July (Yay Free Upgrade). Some of the things I will cover are what to look out for, and more info on what the update allows you to do. I will also cover 2 ways to install free applications the easy way after a wipe and reload (or a bare-metal install). And Finally I will give an update on some of the posts to come.…

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Installing Ruby on Rails (On CentOS) – The EASY Way

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It seems every tutorial I find on the net has something wrong with it.  Its either out of date, or for the wrong operating system.  Many of the tutorials show you how to install Ruby on Windows or Mac, but no real instructions on how to install it in a production environment.  This strikes me as odd, I mean, whats the point of only having a development environment if you can’t eventually move it into production?

I found one tutorial that was on the right track, but sadly it was outdated, so here is an up-to-date version as of today, April 11, 2015.…

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100,362,660 seconds on The Island

Or roughly 1161 days, 14 hours and 31 minutes, depending on how you look it.  That’s how long I have lived on Montreal island.  It doesn’t seem that long though… Has it really been 3 years since I left Ontario?

And what I have accomplished in that three years… I started off as a part-time worker making just above minimum wage (under $12,000/year), then I moved up to a managerial position at a private Library, doubling my income ($27,000/year), and now I work at the job I wanted to work at over a decade ago, a server administrator.  Now making just under $40,000 to start, I am finally on the right track..  …

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The Personal Cloud Solution everyone must have…

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A short while ago I posted on Facebook about finding a personal cloud solution that gave me piece of mind.  Last year we saw Apple’s iCloud get compromised, showing us that using these kind of services to store our data might not be the best option.  How long till services like Google Drive and DropBox get compromised?  Both of which I have no quarrel with and have used for a very long time without issue… But at the same time I am putting the projection of my documents in someone else hands.

There are of course many solutions out there, like Western Digitals MyCloud which is definitely a better option, as it puts the cloud directly in your home.…

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2014 – Year in Review – The Darker Side

Matthew 3 Comments

Normally when people do a recap of the year they mention all the positive aspects. And in most people’s live those are the memories we remember most. My own personal year in review has been great, at that personal level. I mean I went back to school and got a new and exciting job. But what happens when you go past the personal level, past the family level and past the close knit friend level… What I mean by this is as a Society, as a Species, was 2014 really that great of a year? Or, was it possibly one of the worse years ever for Human Kind?…

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