Earlier this month I got to partake in the Battlefield 4 Open Beta. On October 4th EA and DICE announced that access to the Open Beta, however to gain access you had to pre-order the game, as an avid player of the Battlefield series (since Battlefield 1942 was released back in 2002) this was not an issue. Sadly I had gotten a chance to play Battlefield 3 (its on my list of games to get) and I was not about to let another title slip by.

As the beta only contained one map, it was fairly limited, and to begin with they only had 2 game modes, Conquest (Small and large) and Domination. Towards the end of of the beta, they release a 3rd game mode, which ended up being my favourite, Obliteration.

Battlefield 4 is due out at the end of the month.