I caved… after years of being way I started a free account, maxed to level 20, and decided to buy back into it to level further.  I hopped out around the time of  Wrath of the Lich King, so about 2008/09.  I jumped out because they changed so much of the game that it wasn’t fun any more.  Over the years I hoped on and off while playing the free version, and I sort of got to liking the way the game is, being able to fly in most areas (Seems the areas released in the Burning Crusade are still to be updated) is pretty cool especially when you can boost a character to 90.

The new release of Legion on the table, raising your top-level to 110 (when I left I think the max was around 70 or 80) I figured it was time to jump back in and take a while.  I purchased Warlords of Draenor and boosted my Paladin.  I also have a Priest on the way and love farming all the low-level dungeons with my 90 Pali.  It’s always good to have a high-level toon when starting a low-level one.

One of the new features which is nice is the WoW Token, which can be purchased for real money ($20) and sold at the auction house for a nice chunk of gold.  I was able to purchase quite a few heirloom weapons and armour for my priest.  Another new feature is the Chauffeured Chopper which you get after buying 35 heirloom items.  Makes traveling around at lower levels a little more fun.

So I will see how long I last this time… Maybe a year or so… just have to make sure I don’t get too absorbed into the game… After all its World of Warcraft, and shouldn’t be considered WarCrack.