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[FIX] Booting from a Windows 7 VHD – The problems encountered and the Solutions.

Matthew 3 Comments

As many of you know I am a Manager of a Computer Centre and Server/Network Administrator for a small library in Montreal Canada.  Every so often I get tasked with a project that makes my life hell for few days/weeks.  This time round, its Microsoft that’s the culprit of my frustrations.  And since I had to search the internet for multiple solutions, I figured I would write a post to help others who are in the same situation.

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How to boot from a clean system solely to a VHD

SO my first task was to reimage a test machine.…

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Adding a Windows 8.1 bootable VHD to windows 7

Sounds simple right?  Well it is, if you know what you are doing.  However for those that don’t, try finding a tutorial online.  Over the last 3 days I have been trying to find a tutorial that doesn’t ahve you create and install windows intot he VHD while on the target system. What I ned to be able to do is to add a pre-made VHD into windows.

The reson for this is becasue I am not doing it to just one system, I am creating a VHD that I will deplay to several systems allowing them to multi-boot.  In order to do this I create the VHD with a virtualization software like VMWare, Hyper-V, or VirtualBox.…

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[FIX] Windows could not finish configuring the system error after using Sysprep on Windows 7

Over the past week I have been re-imaging the 13 computers in our public computer centre at work, and I came across a small problem. In the past, and by past I mean pre-college, I used to use a program called Norton Ghost to create images of my home system so that at a moments notice I could re-image my system and have all my applications installed without the hassle of re-installing everything manually, but those days are gone as Norton Ghost transformed into something entirely different. These days it is said that it is much easier to use Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK for short) however it is not without its issues, like most Microsoft products.…

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Windows 7, The last of a great Windows Series….

Matthew 0 Comments

As the title suggest, Windows has gone off the deep end, well at its core anyway.

Today I installed a test run of Windows 8 Pro in a virtual environment just to see what the OS had to offer… within the first 5 minutes I was pulling out my hair and screaming for Windows 7.

When you first install Windows 8, you are presented with, well, as their commercial theme song would suggest, “Everything At Once” which to some, like myself, is considered information overload. When I first saw the Windows 8 Menu, I had no idea what I was doing.…

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From Ubuntu to PearOS

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I have been meaning to look for an alternative to Ubuntu since they changed the GUI from Gnome to Unity Desktop. The unity Desktop is so lacking in functionality I just hated it. For the last 2 versions of Ubuntu that I have used (11 and 12 and its subs) it has been bugging me, so I started searching and found a french derivative of Ubuntu called PearOS.

PearOS runs a modified version of the Gnome Desktop, which makes it look even more like a Mac (for those not too familiar with the desktop GUIs, there were 2 major ones back in the day: Gnome which was an Apple knock off, and KDE which was a Windows knock off, I always preferred the Gnome interface).…

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You are at risk if you use WEP Wireless security

Since I have had a little bit of experience with this type of wireless security I thought I would write a quick article on it. We just moved into an apartment building and this is where this issue really takes a turn. When we first moved in, we noticed there were about 30 networks we could attach to, some really weak, others really strong, and most of them were using WEP as a security protocol.

The problem with WEP is it can be hacked in about 5 minutes. There is an flavour of Linux (a version of ubuntu, modified) called BackTrack and it is used by hackers to crack the password on WEP, WPA, and WPA2 secured networks.…

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