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Has Social Media made us into Mindless Zombies? “Experts” say YES!

Matthew 4 Comments

This of course assumes that you believe in me as being an Expert in Social Media… Which of course I am not, but that never seems to stop anyone these days.  I mean anything you read on Social Media sites has to be the truth right? Welcome to Another Considered Normal Rant.  Todays Rant brought to you by Facebook, Spreading Misinformation and Terrorizing the Nation since February 4th 2004.

Now before I get started, please note I do not blame Facebook, just like I don’t blame Fox News, or any other Media outlet (Other than shitty Satire ones that LOVE to stir the pot), they simply, inadvertently, provided the outlet for misinformation.…

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Hola! Watch Netflix USA from anywhere in the world! FREE!

After being a Netflix subscriber for a month and a bit now, I am very disappointed at how limited our selection is here in Canada, half the good movies are unavailable.

I have heard of other people using proxies and VPNs to fool the servers into thinking you have a States-Side IP address, but these in my experience can be limited. The ones I have found are either really slow, have low bandwidth, or cost quite a bit to have speed and bandwidth.

During my most recent search I happened across a site called Hola (Spanish for Hello?) which adds a plugin to Chrome or Firefox or you can directly install their app on Windows, Mac OS, and Android (sorry Blackberry Users, your left out, again).…

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Holidays are near, I want an 84-in TV….

Matthew 0 Comments

Its rare that I have sit at the Volunteer desk at work, and when I do, I like to browse the web, something I don’t get do very often, well besides the obvious Facebook and email browsing. During my frolic through the interweb I came across Engadget’s Holiday Gift Guide which lists 3 levels of gifts, the On the Cheap, which they feature Apple TV, which allows you to stream content from your apple devices directly to your TV, along with the ability to connect to Twitter, Facebook, Netflix and more. On the Mid scale they feature the updated PS3, which would be a nice addition to my own home as its a nice BluRay player and would allow me to play some nice games with my buddy in Ontario (One Province Over).…

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Gotta Post more

Matthew 2 Comments

Ok, so I figured I would make a mega post with a few new and exciting things that are going on. First we here at ConsideredNormal.com have started using WordPress.com’s JetPack which allows us to seamlessly connect to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr without having to create applications and set up complex configurations. This of course being the first post after installing the tool as we shall see how well it works on all fronts.

The second piece of big news is that after 8 years of waiting, I have finally been hired for a job in my field. I am not the Computer Center Manager and Network/Systems Administrator for the Atwater Library and Computer Center in Westmount QC.…

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