Ok, so I figured I would make a mega post with a few new and exciting things that are going on. First we here at ConsideredNormal.com have started using WordPress.com’s JetPack which allows us to seamlessly connect to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr without having to create applications and set up complex configurations. This of course being the first post after installing the tool as we shall see how well it works on all fronts.

The second piece of big news is that after 8 years of waiting, I have finally been hired for a job in my field. I am not the Computer Center Manager and Network/Systems Administrator for the Atwater Library and Computer Center in Westmount QC. The job fits my training to a “T” as well as a few extra responsibilities that feed on my experience in Graphic Design and Web Publishing. I start this upcomming Monday and will hopefully have more to post soon. Still trying to get myself organized. After being on the “Island” for more than 10 months, I am glad to see things finally moving forward.