Over the last little while it seems the games on Facebook games are getting more high tech, and by that I mean 3D Shooters, MMORPGs and Strategies. It’s almost like having an installed game right through your browser. Having peaked my interest, I figured I would make a quick post about it.

1. Offensive Combat

 UPDATE – Offence Combat was discontinued šŸ™Ā  

Monday I came across my top pick, a game called Offensive Combat, a 3D Shooter game (Also in the F2P or Free to Play Genre where if you want upgrades you can buy coin for real money) which I have to say is the most enjoyable Facebook game I have ever played. Like most standalone FPS (First Person Shooter) games, it has a few different types of game to play: Team deathwatch, Free for all, Capture the Flag, and Capture the Point. It also has the ability to be Offensive to the guy you just Powned with taunts like “Tea Bagging” (you get it by default) and earlier this evening my adversary killed me and did the Gangnam Style Horse Rider to me. They have a slew of guns which you can “Rent” for 3 days for about $400 in-game coin (free coin), you can buy it outright for $9000 in-game coin. And unlike most other FPS in the F2P market, it doesn’t take days to rack up coin; I finished one round today and made about $200+. It uses a plugin called Unity Player which you will need to download prior to playing.

2. Dino Storm

My Second pick comes from the MMORPG genre of games. Its set in the Wild West with Dinosaurs? Really? WHat could be better than a Cowboy riding a velociraptor? But unlike my earlier pick, it uses Java, the only downside is you cannot go full screen (or at least I have not found a way).

3. Steel Legions

My third pic is from the Strategy genre, although it could fit into the MMORPG as well. It’s a Steam Punk type game, or so it says. You basically start off as a tank and go an shoot other tanks. Again it uses Java, and I didn’t play it much because after the first quest, it said I had to wait to be assigned another task… I didn’t feel like waiting, went back to Offensive Combat instead LOL.

Worst of the Worst: Critical Strike

While exploring the new and exciting games that came recommended (in the sidebar to the right) I found this “Gem” (being sarcastic of course), another Unity Player game, but a really REALLY bad knock off of Valve’s Counter Strike series. Wasn’t very much fun to play all. I couldn’t go full screen and the graphics reminded me of the first Counter Strike (circa 1990’s). It has 2 versions, Mobile and Online, both the same, both just as lame. If you get into FB games, STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE! I had more fun playing Bubble Pop.