Most people know I am a fan of the old; by this I mean I like old tech. My father while he was alive and working at Nortel back in the day had a phone that had a monochrome monitor (no not the vista phone, much much older) and a pop out keyboard which could dial in to things like free net and allow you to check your emails. The sad part is in an attempt to bring it home, the old tech died and would not boot after the short 20 minute trip from my dad’s office.

Ever since then I have been interested in old tech, so when when I came across this post on my favourite gadget blog, I had to repost it as this person is my hero when it comes to making old things work like new.

This person made an old Mac Portable, Apple’s first portable computer, into a new age OSX Portable. I would love to convert an old portable/lugable into a functioning linux box. Maybe once I get my hands on an old system I will.