So the Texas Congress has passed a new bill giving researchers permission to use the most violent, predatory, repeat sex offenders as guinea pigs for research. I am not so sure this is a good idea…

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not being sympathetic to these evil doers, I just believe that the only injection they deserve is that of the lethal kind.
Maybe I am being a bit too paranoid, or maybe I have watched to many superhero/sci-fi movies, where someone is trying to make a super soldier, they inject some bad guy with some super serum believing that there is no way on earth that anything could possibly go wrong, only to have something go drastically wrong… Said inmate now has super (insert ability here… let’s use “strength” for this example), can no longer be detained, breaks free from where ever the lab may be, and wreaks havoc on the world…


Late last year I posted my thoughts about Fukushima, sadly admitting that I hadn’t recalled hearing about it till then, despite the tsunami taking place in 2011… Sadly the affect the destroyed nuclear power plant has still yet to be fully determined.

Hotmail/Outlook forcing recovery options forcing a secure password would be a better option.

Not too long ago Microsoft’s free webmail, Hotmail, got a facelift and a name change. The new Outlook as it is called is now forcing its recovery options on the end user, making them chose between only two options, cell or email. The problem is, not everyone has a cell phone or an alternate email.


Now before you get all upset I am not talking about the American People, I know quite a few Americans and in general they are pretty nice people. No, I am talking about the idiots in power. Now again, before you start bitching, I am not talking about the President either (Ok, some of them have been pretty out there [cough]Bush[cough]), I am talking about those with the real power… the brainiacs (said sarcastically) in charge of the military.