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Has Social Media made us into Mindless Zombies? “Experts” say YES!

Matthew 4 Comments

This of course assumes that you believe in me as being an Expert in Social Media… Which of course I am not, but that never seems to stop anyone these days.  I mean anything you read on Social Media sites has to be the truth right? Welcome to Another Considered Normal Rant.  Todays Rant brought to you by Facebook, Spreading Misinformation and Terrorizing the Nation since February 4th 2004.

Now before I get started, please note I do not blame Facebook, just like I don’t blame Fox News, or any other Media outlet (Other than shitty Satire ones that LOVE to stir the pot), they simply, inadvertently, provided the outlet for misinformation.…

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Lack of Posts, Bell Canada, Windows 8 and Exchange 2013.

Matthew 2 Comments

Sorry for the lack of posts, I try and get one in at least once a week, but as you can tell I haven’t posted in over a month.  I have been extremely busy with Work and School that this site has escaped me.  So I decided to make a rant post.  There will be 3 main topics, Bell Canada, Windows 8(.1) and Exchange Server 2013.  There may be more, depending on how I feel after the rant.

Round 1: Bell Canada

So anyone who has me as a friend on Facebook knows the story about the issues I have been having with Bell.  …

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