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Fukushima radion to hit west coast by end of April 2014

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Late last year I posted my thoughts about Fukushima, sadly admitting that I hadn’t recalled hearing about it till then, despite the tsunami taking place in 2011… Sadly the affect the destroyed nuclear power plant has still yet to be fully determined.

Scientists predict that in less than 2 months the radioactive debris from Fukushima will hit the west coast of the States and Canada. That part is inevitable, obviously, I mean think about it, millions of gallons of radioactive waste being drained into the ocean, eventually those radioactive particles will reach the world over… However what astonishes me, is that neither the Canadian government, not the US government see it as being a issue.…

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Yup, we’ve F@#$ ourselves.

Matthew 2 Comments

Its been over 2 years since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, which due to its location, makes it far worse then Chernobyl disaster of 1986. Because the plant sits directly on the ocean, tons of radio active water has been pumped into the oceans, contaminating our already fragile ecosystem.

It is sad to see that we have become our own demise. We need not create a World War III to end our planet, we simply have to be ourselves… We are a destructive race, and again I do not mean a Warring race, although we are that as well, but our very nature, we destroy and consume all that is around us, we create dangerous power plants in areas that should have never had them.…

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Will the USA be responsible for the downfall of mankind?

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Now before you get all upset I am not talking about the American People, I know quite a few Americans and in general they are pretty nice people. No, I am talking about the idiots in power. Now again, before you start bitching, I am not talking about the President either (Ok, some of them have been pretty out there [cough]Bush[cough]), I am talking about those with the real power… the brainiacs (said sarcastically) in charge of the military.

I just read 2 articles that make my head spin. And both are from ages ago, long before my time. I am talking about the Starfish Prime Nuclear Test (on wikipedia) and Project West Ford (on wikipedia).…

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