For those who are wondering POV Means Point of View, and yes it is used immensely in the Adult Film industry, however it is not exclusive to it. I came across these videos by way of a post on Facebook by HQHumor which posted a link to

So what are the videos about? Imagine seeing through James Bond’s eyes (or any spy for that matter). Of course put to some really good high energy music. The main character of the video is stealing a portal device, which has the same effect as the Jumpers did in “Jumper”, and is activated by Water (as will become very apparent after watching the videos).


heavenstairwayIt happens very rarely that I end up at a loss for words. In the post decade I have lost 2 friends from High School unexpectedly. The first was quite a few years ago and the most recent was yesterday morning. The reason I am at a loss for words, is trying see the logic in how a person so young (late 20’s to early 30’s) can pass so early in life. Both leaving behind a child and a loving husband. In the most recent, a newlywed husband, having been admitted to hospital almost immediately after the wedding, they never got to go on their honeymoon.


A few weeks ago I found an article on what is known as “Lucid Dreaming”. For those of you who have never heard of it, this term is used for a dream in which you are 1. aware you are in a dream, and 2. you can guide/manipulate/control the dream. There have been times in the past where I have been able to have lucid dreams, where I was in control of it for a very short time, and I use the term control loosely. By this I mean the only part of the dream I can remember was riding a motor bike which then turned into a broken Mary-Go-Round Pony… So although control is possible, I obviously don’t have the concentration factor (Could be linked to my lack of attention span).


But where do I put the second monitor? Found this over at Restoration Hardware and fell in love with it all (except the price, $4395!!!!) [add new desk to wishlist of awesome unaffordable things] d1


bixyToday I took my first Bixi ride, talk about a workout. Took about 20 minutes or so to get home, but that’s only because I had to stop half way. Seems the first Bixi bike I “signed out” had a flat tire, why the last rider didn’t flag the bike as damaged I have no clue, but I made sure I flagged it after walking 2 blocks to nearest Bixi station. walking 2 blocks to nearest Bixi station.