Well this is new to me.  With the news of Mozilla taking development resources away from Thunderbird (Announced sometime last year), we are looking for a new Email client that can support the amount of email some of the staff at work accrue.  In once case, over 14GB of email (the person has not deleted an email in about 4 years).  In the past (and maybe they fixed it) Microsoft Outlook only allowed a max size of 4GB for its database files.  Thunderbird allowed an unlimited amount as it’s method of archiving was different.


Back in August I was looking for when the famed 8.1 update for Windows was going to be released. The answer then was Mid September, since then it has been pushed back till the 17th of October, about 2 weeks from now. But for some, 2 weeks on Windows 8 is a life time.

Personally Windows 8 was a huge leap for myself, and I know its been a hard transition for many people. As I work in a Public Computer Centre, I get asked alot as to how to use, or navigate Windows 8. The 2 most common complains are “How do I get to my desktop” and “Where are all my programs”. For those of you who are not familiar with Windows 8 yet, let me explain.

Hotmail/Outlook forcing recovery options forcing a secure password would be a better option.

Not too long ago Microsoft’s free webmail, Hotmail, got a facelift and a name change. The new Outlook as it is called is now forcing its recovery options on the end user, making them chose between only two options, cell or email. The problem is, not everyone has a cell phone or an alternate email.

[FIX] Windows could not finish configuring the system error after using Sysprep on Windows 7
[notification type=info]UPDATE: After speaking with someone one of my professors, I found that if you have syspreped the same image several times, it will not work.  Although he did not have an exact number of times he stated he stopped after 3 syspreps, and believes the limit is 5.  If you have syspreped, installed and then syspreped again several times, this solution will not work, nor will any other.  This may be the case for those of you who responded it was not working for you. If this doesn’t work and you have sysprepped more than a few times, try this article.

UPDATE 2: This is also a viable solution for Windows 8(.1) systems.


Well this has plagued me for years, trying to run Netflix on Linux. The root cause for Netflix not working on Linux is Microsoft Silverlight, the viewer Netflix uses to stream the movies (Its a plugin like Flash). Now Linux DOES have an open source equivalent called Moonlight, however it does not have DRM (Digital Rights Management) support which Netflix requires to run.


As the title suggest, Windows has gone off the deep end, well at its core anyway.

Today I installed a test run of Windows 8 Pro in a virtual environment just to see what the OS had to offer… within the first 5 minutes I was pulling out my hair and screaming for Windows 7.

When you first install Windows 8, you are presented with, well, as their commercial theme song would suggest, “Everything At Once” which to some, like myself, is considered information overload. When I first saw the Windows 8 Menu, I had no idea what I was doing.